Different levels of difficulty

It come to my attention playerbase not happy with may things. When I analyze complaints I see recurrent themes that is AI make dumb decision and predictable. This complaint littered on steam reviews especially.

So I think it is time a level of difficulty is introduced. Player choose their level. Hard difficulty is when Ai make smartest decisions such that not always taking skulls smash. Or example notice that moving particular gem result in 3 match of another color as well. Or even Ai go for lethal kill over a color match etc. Of course reward should escalate to level difficulty. Current Ai decision can remain as ‘average’ difficulty.

This to implement on top of choosing team based off defense value such is already the way to chose. Please consider.

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Out of curiosity, where is this “player base” that are always bringing things to your attention? You always seem to have a new thread saying “as we all know” or “it’s been brought to my attention” or “I think we all agree on” and yet there never seems to be anyone or anything backing up those statements.

…Are you sure it’s not just you?


@Tache AI behavior is scheduled to change.
… You’ll just have to wait for it. There are many other more serious bugs that devs consider more severe to tend to.
… With different AI behavior, another uproar is expected to appear, and most probably not in a good way - so postponing it till other issues are taken care of is the best/only option they have if they want to listen to their playerbase.

Let me hold your hand little child and show you. How about start with steam reviews which I explicitly mentioned. Once you finished reading them, come back and I point you in right direction again - such as these very forums discussing AI behaviour. How many posters is enough to satisfy your definition of ‘player base’ ? Can you count ? or do you need me count everyone here for you?

i asked for that months ago:

the difficulty in ai decision making to be added in the current difficulties
so that the difficulty doesnt just change enemy stats but do more

ppl didnt seem to respond back then ><

to me, with the possibilities what ai could do, its stupid that the difficulty settings do nothing of that but just change the stats. i could even accept keeping the unchanged stats for most of difficulties (besides the hardest), and just change the ai for all of them

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for example:

normal - whatever combo breaker or gem spawn control they wish to add, (if no gem sliders: ai always takes skulls) (if has gem sliders: the random decision factor is high)

hard - no combo breaker, no gem spawn control, (if no gem sliders: ai sometimes ignores skulls) (if gem sliders: lower random factor, ai will be smarter and more often cast spells instead of taking skulls when thats better for the ai)

warlord 1 - ai starts to make wiser decisions between 4match and skull matches, +25% stat bonus

w2 - ai sees how status effect influence the gameplay and doesnt always take skulls when entangled, it wont get baited by 4match when frozen etc, and so on, +50% stats bonus

w3 - now most of the times ai will target the right troop, +75% stats bonus

w4 - ai is as crafty as possible, never miss a gem match that it should take it, considers colors on the board, sees the to-create extra turns and uses it, makes right decisions about when to cast a spell, +100% stat bonus

One major issue with this suggestion every time it’s brought up, it needs dedicated programming.

And it’s not some small little change like “oh, it just chooses the best option for color transformers/explodes or targets the weakest troop/biggest threat, etc.”

We’re talking redesigning the AI to be smarter. People already hate the AI for “cheating sky drops” as it is! If loop teams started working endlessly for the enemy, then good luck dealing with Alchemist, Hellcat, 2x Goblin Rocket teams, they’d be a guaranteed death sentence.

If the AI was ever able to be made as intelligent and informed as a human opponent, I’d rather go for real PvP because then I can at least hope for human error to kick in.

The upcoming gem sliders are probably going to be the closest we get to “smart” AI, and I’m okay with that. But even that’s taking enough effort on the devs part to hold off until 3.1.0 or possibly further away.

If the game had been made from the ground up based around a more intelligent computer, then yes, I could see something like this working. But with the troops we’re presently stuck with and other details like weekly boosted troops, it just would only fit to make the game more frustrating than the occasional sky drops and lucky devours already do.

That’s my thoughts on the matter, at least.

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with the difficulty setting, ppl dont have to face smart ai if they dont want to - so i dont see whats the issue?

and it would compensate with lesser stat boost

i dont see how is that an issue since generally difficulty settings are not suppose to be applied in ranked pvp to begin with?

ppl complaining " i took the warlord 3 and that was too difficult!" would be silly :sweat_smile:, i mean whats the point on taking high difficulty if you dont actually want it to be in fact difficult

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If you could count all of them for me that would be great! Thank you for offering.

You’re not wrong, but I can’t support as I find there are several more features I’d sooner prefer implemented.
Maybe for a distant future sort of thing, but I’d rather await what’s already in the works than to turn their focus to something only a handful might legitimately enjoy.

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I don’t think dedicated programming is hard at all. Doing an AI for a match gems game is kind of trivial, honestly.

But I do agree that it will probably be too smart. An IA could, in a really fast way, verify every gem exchange and the resulting mana gained/attack and resulting board. It could then evaluate our probably matches to see the best way to screw us (it’s called minimax). It would look like cheating, and people sometimes think the current dumb AI is already cheating. So I think the “dumb” AI is a design decision, and not because of poor programming.

I don’t think @Zelfore is around here anymore. But, nonetheless, CPU can only get better(smarter) than it currently is. (it cant get much dumber)

Building such an AI would take a long, long time. And at that point, I’d rather have real PVP implemented.