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Proposed Changes to 3.1

Here is one idea for a small change to 3.1, comment or post addition ideas on other aspects of the update. Please keep the criticism without a proposed solution in the other threads.

The diamond drop rate is 25%… But end game players aren’t even challenged by the battles in the slightest, so it feels purely like a RNG diamond button you click 3 times. If you allow the player the ability to play each dungeon at a harder difficulty level, and slightly increase the diamonds based on difficulty or slightly increase the drop rate at least there a bit more of a challenge with commencement rewards. Furthermore players will feel the are actually determining something by setting how difficult the dungeons would be. I would leave it up to the developers to determine the ratio at the various Warlord settings. I’m thinking something like Warlord IV currently set at 3x monster stats, would give +25% to +50% diamond/jewel reward per battle.


  • 100% Win Rate for diamonds cut reward per battle by 1/4
  • Extra dungeon modifies for increased challenge
  • Increase Traitsone and Soul cost on Mythics
  • New variable component for Legendary & Mythic troops
  • Increase pool of Legendary craftable troops
  • Expand crafting diamonds to other resources via using Souls
  • Add crafting resources to Guild Tasks (may be implemented already?)
  • Add crafting resources to Treasure Hunt

In my honest opinion I feel that RNG should not be a factor on something with a set number of uses. With only three Dungeon battles per day the chances should be static and not percentage based.


I agree with @Macawi. If they are only going to offer 3 dungeons a day, the diamond drop rate for a win should be 100%.


Your proposing quadrupling the rewards (25% to 100%). With zero battle difficulty. Should make the players VERY happy, I’m not sure the publisher would go for that. Thanks for contributing.

I personally wouldn’t mind having the duration cut by 1/4, even though I don’t think they’d go for it.

Quadrupling the rewards still means it still takes 1.5 months to unlock Xath… if you play every day. Think about that.

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I think what @Macawi is suggesting is that the rewards be non-random, not that they be set to the same value that they’re currently at.

So basically, instead of a 25% chance at 20 Diamonds, rather it be 100% chance at 5 Diamonds. Same growth over time, less instantaneous aggravation over a “0-Diamond day.” But it’s likely that IP2 is banking on people getting frustrated by those off-days and monetizing on it.


The one thing I see as a problem is that they have to strike a balance with the difficulty between being too easy for end-gamers vs too hard for early-gamers. It seems like the difficulty scales a bit, but not enough. (I’ve found them all to be super easy, but I saw on global last night newer players complaining that they were super hard… though they could’ve been complaining strictly about the final fight.)

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Ahh Thanks. That’s different, and very reasonable.


Hence my proposal that the PLAYER can decide how much of a challenge they want. With a small reward increase for playing on harder setting…

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The only issue is that the dungeons are replayable. I would set it at the hardest difficulty and just wait for a good board to happen if it was difficult.

That’s really hard to execute. They’ve then got to have something like Easy/Medium/Hard and then design the 21 battles for each of those settings, then create two new sets of rewards. That’s a ton of extra effort. It’s much more reasonable to request them to just tweak the difficulties a little bit so they start easier and scale harder.

As would many players, but at least its a challenge, and not mindless Explore, or Leeroy Jenkins.


? I don’t understand your comment. You know there has been a fully fleshed out difficult system in place for years.

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Just bumping up their stats by 10% isn’t necessarily an effective solution to making the difficulty scale. I suspect the issues are more fundamental than that. (E.g., basically every team is susceptible to devour cheese, which is really easy to pull off for end-gamers.) Additionally, the difficulty system doesn’t work for the rewards.

It’s a much more challenging problem than the difficulty system solves for. The difficulty system is just a brute-force stat increase and some bonus gold.

Don’t forget about looping teams. It doesn’t matter how horribad an opponent’s spell is, or how much damage they’ll do with Skulls, if they never get a chance to do anything.

There’s other stuff too. Mana Drain is super effective against those high spell cost Mythics, and Stun is really strong against their new and improved traits. I’m honestly not sure what the solution is, but bumping up/down their stats a little more seems like it’s definitely not the right one.

If anyone has ideas then I’d love to hear them!

“At the start of each Dungeon battle, one of your troops will be randomly replaced by a Peasant.” :slight_smile:
But we’re way off-topic here. Sorry @Strat!


@Delinquent Sure if you lower level and feel you can only handle a +10% bump in stats that would be the setting you chose. Your reward might be 1%-5% more.

@Lyya. I know, all about the cheese. I’m just sadded that they created a repayable game mode and made absurdly easy. The ONLY difficult thing is time.

Like Extra Dungeon modifiers
Blue day start your trun all troops frozen…
Red day start all troops are burned…


I don’t think we’re off topic at all! The thread is literally titled, “Proposed Changes to 3.1” and one of those changes is to use difficulty level.

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Yellow day, your troop order gets shuffled at the start of each turn.