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Did they buff PvP gold on PC/Mobile?

I used to get around 700-1000 gold for my hardest, but lately it seems to give me much more. I’m also level 900 or so.

My current offense team is 8,149 and my defense team is 8,239.

Edit, next game:

I hadn’t notice since I just blindly clicked 3 trophies today. I’ll have to give it a look later though.

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This is my recent chance of options

My actual defense team is 7885. Maybe it helps.

Yes very poor money

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I demand more gold :frowning: (my def is 8390) - note exactly the same 3 trophy target as in the screenshot above mine. Why do I get less gold and pvp points qq

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The game after that one:

That’s very peculiar, indeed. If you guys don’t mind, what levels are you? @Fifthelement @ONOPALAVER

989 at the moment, 5/6 guild bonuses active and 5 kingdoms have less than 5 stars (so 20/25 double stat bonuses)

I’m in top 30 at the moment, and yeah Pokroc is 8#

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level 1021, with 8-9 (not sure now) kingdoms at 5 stars

My invade team actual is around 7885 same as defense

New chance:

and rewards

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Hm… I’m 909 with all guild bonuses. I’m interested in what the same opponent would give me. How many gems do you think I would need to use to find them?

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what ranking pvp are you now??

This guy looks like he is 8 in rank

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I’m currently in the 7,000s, but I’m not sure if that affects the matchmaking system. In my first screenshot, I matched up against the rank 60 player while I was even further behind. I’m gonna go through about 20 resets just to see if I get lucky.

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It may be an observational bias, but when I reset my options, the gold for the hardest option went down… I stopped resetting, but this is what I got after doing one worth about 1,000 gold:

Keeping these things secret is counter productive. Devs should elaborate


My experience is that I get higher gold earlier in the week and less gold as the week progresses. I don’t know if that is observational bias or not but my assumption was higher ranked players are worth more gold and earlier in the week I’m much higher in the ranks than later in the week so I’m getting matches worth more gold at the start of the week and matches worth less near the end of the week. I’d love to get some Dev input though to clarify if this is accurate or not. :slight_smile:


The thing with that is, a couple weeks ago when I was ranked 10th-5th globally nearly the entire week, I don’t recall ever getting more than 1,100 gold, often getting under 800…

I, too, wish the devs would be a bit more transparent about something so trivial. It’s not like we’re asking for key drop rates…


Well that kind of shoots down my theory lol

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Just found him again, 1 lvl higher, and 1 gold less for me (I leveled up too at least once in the meantime)

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Right now my working theory is that it mainly bases of [their team score] - [your team score], where the bigger positive difference, the higher your payout and pvp points reward will be. Note that the lesser payout is no longer worth 8500ish points but only 7800ish.
I suspect this base formula is then adjusted a little bit by your current pvp ranking and their current pvp ranking.
I doubt it is affected by lvl, as that (in a way) is already accounted for in the team score.

No confirmations though.

But you could try to fight the matches with a lower strength invade (and/or defense) team in place.

But team score of what? The defense team? Because that’s the only “constant” when you roll 3 new opponents. You chose the attack team AFTER you pick your opponent, so that can’t be it. Unless by team score you mean only the kingdom / guild bonuses and maybe overall amount of lvls / traits on all of the cards? idk

Hmm… I’ve set my defend team to the highest I can possibly get it, currently. All kingdoms 5+ stars, all guild bonuses, level 909. I wonder what I’m worth?