Did they buff PvP gold on PC/Mobile?



Base was 1200ish


Nice job! Funny to see my name here. :slight_smile:


We haven’t touched gold earned in PVP on PC/ Mobile.


It hasn’t been buffed. Gold is directly affected by power levels and level differentials. It fluctuates as your level and team changes.


Which we know now, that how strong your defense team is matters too. That plays into how strong the teams are that you face.


I’m not sure if that’s correct. The defense team I am using is stronger than what I was using last week. Also, it can’t factor my offensive team, as you only pick your team after choosing your opponent.


And for a terrible defence team?

Probably has as much to do with base stats. You’re kingdoms are more than likely all maxed. Seeing your pvp gold before and after completing the guild tasks may provide some info. Impossible to arrange that though


I think I’ve figured out a piece of the puzzle here.

It’s occurred to me that your opponents and gold value are based (in part) upon your invasion team from 2 fights ago. This means that before you even start a fight, your very next set is loaded.

Because the correlation is “rolling” it’s harder to notice.


Very possibly true.

I was getting less gold when my defend team was worse. Yeah, my kingdoms are all maxed, but arranging guild bonuses can’t be done because the bonuses have rollover. Even at the very beginning of the week, we have full bonuses. We have until Wednesday or Thursday to max them out again to never lose the bonuses.

I really wish there was more transparency with the “algorithm” that determines gold. The guess work for something of this caliber is ridiculous.


Thanks. I’m not quite sure how I am getting so much from some people, then. Also, any idea how someone can get their team BR over 8,549? Is it also, albeit very minutely, affected by mana masteries?


Yeah, I think mana masteries factor in as well.


Either defense team (but that makes less sense) or an average of the invade team you used the previous x times, would make sense.


I get around 850 gold on console with a 8500 power team. I get 1500 or 1700 gold on mobile with a 5000 power team.


ill see can i make new ‘cheaper’ low power invade team and get back at you maybe in few days :s
if that was indeed true i will need to ask for a descend button :fearful:


On console, the first game you play doesn’t compute your team score properly and my team is several hundred points lower. I get more gold offered. Second (or maybe third) it computes the score correctly and i get less gold.