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Gold Prior to Bonuses. *Issue*

I’ve been having a problem getting opponents on pvp who give more then just the 400-600 gold range. Whatever happened to the 1000 or more gold option.

Anyone else had this issue?

Have you lowered the team score of your defense lately? That can affect the power range of opponents you get offered to invade.

Why would my defense effect my outcome to attacks?

It’s slightly random, so you’re not always gonna see those.

Also, your def team doesn’t affect the enemies you fight (EDIT: seems like’ve been wrong on this one). I have just an Innkeeper (“On The House!”) and I often see some fight options of over 1k gold.

What I think is happening is that the top players have begun to realize that it’s not really worth it to win def fights (the only actual difference is a few gold coins, less than 100, and the pvp points, which some people don’t care for), so they’ve set up weaker teams to attract fights and get more revenge options. Since those players were the ones that could’ve set up teams worth 8k-8.5k team points, that explains why you don’t get as many of those as before.

This is just something that has been observed by many people over the months PVP 2 has been out.

If you put up a stronger defense team, you get offered stronger opponents for invades.

For me, if I put up a low defense of 7500, I rarely ever see a 3 trophy offer above 800. However, if I use a higher defense of 8300, I can get 3 trophy offers between 800 - 1000.

Interesting concept. I will definitely see what I can do for a more formadable defense that keeps level high so I can hittor more gold. Thank you!

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Your defense team, level, and win rate all play into the battles you get. The lower any of them are, the lower point value your opponents will be leading to lower gold values.