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Gold drop in PVP is less since 2.2 patch

So I was chatting with some guildies and we’re all noticing something… It seems the amount received from winning in PVP is less… Anyone else notice this?

Is your team score on defend higher? That is why.

Most of my guild mates are saying it’s HIGHER now. Mine is about the same because my team power relative to my opponents didn’t change that much.

Higher then what? It’s the same defend team I’ve had for a few weeks now… about 8500.

You might want to check it. They re-did the power formula and corrected a bug that wasn’t adding in the guild bonuses or something. Power levels on all my teams went up by about 1000.

So your saying the gold I get from PvP is based on the power of my defend team?

The amount of gold (anecdotally) is affected by the power level differential between your invade team and the defense teams you’re up against. The more powerful your opponents are compared to you, the more gold you’re going to get. When you’re even (or you are more powerful), the amount of gold drops off quickly.

However, the power level of the opponents being offered to you is (again anecdotally) affected by the power level of your defend team. Lowering the power of your defend team will likely lower the power of your invade offers, leading to the differential above.

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I believe this is tied specifically to your kingdom bonuses and not at all to what team you happen to be using on invade or defend. Switching both invade team with a score gap of 1500 and defense teams with score gaps of several thousand points had no effect on how much gold a specific enemy team of a certain point value would give. But yes, switching defense teams does (anecdotally) change the score range of available matches you will receive after your next battle, and lower score teams pay less (though there is a bottom cap).

What you are seeing here is most likely the change in the formula caused by them finally calculating guild statue bonuses. Payouts for team scores of around 8k have gone down for me, but the minimum gold I will obtain from every PvP battle has increased. In addition, a huge range of scores have been moved to payouts at or near the minimum range. Pre-patch, 6-7k score teams would yield 779 gold to low 800s, and anything below would always yield 779 gold. Prior to Blackhawk, I believe this minimum number was 774. Now (with all statue bonuses currently activated) my minimum payout is 844 gold in the low 7000s, with teams all the way up to the mid 8000s still paying out less than 900 gold. However, the highest possible score is now in the 9600s instead of the 8600s, and the payout for defeating a fully maxed team if you have full skill bonuses has gone up from mid 1300s to over 1500 gold.

So basically, if you have guild bonuses and are fighting versus people that don’t have guild bonuses, their score would have remained the same across the patch and payouts will more than likely have gone down because your relative power in the formula is higher. If you have no bonuses and are fighting versus people that have statue bonuses, their scores would have gone up and their payouts would have gone up. However, if you are at a similar level of skill bonuses, their scores would have gone up, but your relative power in the formula would have also gone up, making their payout relatively the same (probably very slightly higher).


Conflicting anecdotes everywhere. No one really seems to know how this works, and the inconsistency has been irking me lately. We have people in this thread saying opposite things - that payout is better with lower/higher defense teams. Would really like to know what it is.

I’m level 920, fielding an 8600 def team and 9200 offense, and still there are times where my 1-trophy option will be higher power than the previous 3-trophy option that I just fought. I see 1k+ opponents maybe once every 10 fights (look, another anecdote!).

If the above is correct, this is essentially punishing high-tier pvp players by reducing their income when there are not a sigificant amount of higher-power teams for them to fight. Which also sucks.

I don’t think any of the info is conflicting. We may have differing opinions on the mechanic but the results are the same:

Higher power level = less gold.

Some of my guild mates that are between 200 and 300 get 3x or more the amount of gold I get at level 1100.


The general gold process is pretty straightforward. The larger the power gap between you and your opponent, the more gold you receive. So, a level 100 player that beats a level 1000 player gets a lot more gold for that fight than a level 800 player defeating a level 1000 player.


This doesn’t bear out either; player several hundred levels below me has more payout than the higher level player:

Maybe it’s some combination of player level and team power, but it’s pretty opaque.

It’s not based on level, it’s based on POWER level. Despite being 500 levels lower, your hard match has 500 higher power level.

What Ash meant was that, in general a low level player will have less kingdom bonuses and traits on their troops, so they will most often have lower power levels.

Well, my example makes the assumption that a level 1000 person has a team power that far exceeds the player that is level 100.

It’s all about the power gap between team power scores.

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I understand that; that’s not really what said in my initial post. My main concern is the inconsistency in the offers - again, there are times where my 1-trophy will have higher power than the 3-trophy I just defeated. Doesn’t make sense.

I still don’t understand the correlation to defense teams. Maybe I’m reading it wrong but @Tacet and @htismaqe seem to be saying different things regarding that.

We have anecdotal evidence that running a lower-powered defense team will lower the average power levels of your invade offers.

Several of us recently changed our defense teams to a single card and it seemed to provide better variety of invades versus an endless stream of Bone Dragon / Courage / Manticore teams. When I did it, I saw my average hard match drop from about 8500 to 7500.

Other than that though, there’s really not much you can do to control invade offers. Furthermore, the Devs completely deny that the code does what many of us have observed, which is why I say “anecdotal”.

Doesn’t that thereby reduce the gold reward? I am so confused right now.

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It sure does. That’s why Tacet asked. Because if your power level went UP in relation to your opponents, your gold is going to go DOWN.

You also have to take into account that there’s a floor to the gold rewards. For me, an opponent with power level 4500 gives the same amount of gold roughly as one that is 6000. I could, however, probably do two of the former in the same time as the latter, meaning that the first offer is actually better.

The bottom line is this:

  1. We have some anecdotal evidence (though the Devs deny it) that lowering your defense team power level will lower the power levels of your invade offers. If you want to maximize your gold PER MATCH, set your defense team to a higher power level.

  2. It may actually be more profitable over a period of time to lower your defense team power level, thus making your invade offers a bit easier. This allows you to complete more matches, which could actually increase the amount of gold you make per hour or per day.

  3. All of the above is speaking of AVERAGES. There’s no way to control (that we know of, anyway) the individual offers. I’ve had some where the 3 offers were 4500-5000-6500 and then the very next set was 7000-7000-8000. That’s just the way it works. Over time, given a larger data set, it all evens out.


Got it. Yeah, the inconsistency is frustrating me. I’d rather have option to fight 1k+ each time but oh well. I get the speed thing, too, but I honestly don’t think I’m going to get any better than 2 casts to end the fight, and I don’t see that affecting it much.

Thanks for the discussion!

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