Hard pvp enemies are too weak

I dont know if others,that i dont know experience it too,but my pvp choices are horrible.Im level 33 atm with 4700 team points,and i get 3 trophy enemies that have 1200-1700.My rewards are horrible,most of the time i getting 18 points.My friends experience the same,one of them is around level 100 atm,she has around 6500 team points,and she is getting 3 trophy enemies,that only have 2500-3000 points. Its really hard to climb like that,and getting gold is also difficult.
edit:I play against the same 2-3 enemies all the time.Sometimes i get someone who has 6-7k score,but i cant beat that.

Check your defense team. I’ve found that if my defense team was weak, I get paired up with “weak” opponents (i.e. not very high in point value).

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My defense and offense team are the same,since im too low level to get a good defense team.

Bump.With vip 2,dragon armor and alchemist,i cant even get 1k gold against 3 trophy opponents,this is certainly not right.Not to mention getting to tier 1 takes around 4-5 hours like this.

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You get to tier 1 in 4-5 hours?! It should take a week.

Hi @ManaSurge, that doesn’t sound right. If you drop our support guys a message at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (and make sure to include your invite code) they’ll check your account out and make sure nothing has gone wrong.

Thank you,i wrote a ticket,hope this will be solved.