A little more pvp points for players 1000+, please

Players with a lvl above 1000 get too few points for a 3 trophy win compared to players with a lvl of 600. both have all kingdoms 5 stars which means they both have the same bonus skill for troops.
I do mainly 3 troph match but despite of that I have 4000 pts less for the same amount of fights than a lvl 600.

How many XP tier points do you get for a 3-trophy fight, @anon43026234?

The max I’ve seen in my hard fights is 55 points. And the typical range average is 38 and 45 points.

most of the opponent give me between 30 and 40. Some rare between 40 and 45. I dont think I have seen 45+ since new update with new fight system.

Have you tried switching up your Defense team to change its power rating strength? In the past, I’ve found a stronger rated Defense compels stronger (i.e., presumably HARDER) opponents to show up on your selection lists.

It also helps to pick “nothing but” the 3-trophy fights so you get attacked in Revenge fights by solely stronger teams.

Sirrian says it’s a combination of who you’re fighting as well as the power rating of your own Invade team that determines the difficulty of your opponents. My current Invade team is 9300 on PC. I do get the 55-point battles often enough while choosing 3-trophy battles only… and YES, indeed they take longer to win.

Can’t help you with the boatload of Manticore, Courage, Bone Dragon teams though. :frowning:

Right, you’re on console… Courage teams aren’t endemic yet. But I’m still seeing the same kind of opponents on Xbox One as I do on iOS. I think the console teams have a lot more variety though, simply because many players don’t read these forums and thus they’re not using the meta.

I dont think changing my def team will change the points I get while invading?!
But what lvl are you? It seems the prob happen for players above 1000.
edit: My att team is 9586 pts.
My point is if a player have maximum skill points (all kingdoms 5 stars min.), the 4 troops mythic rarity, lvl 20 with 3 traits, then there is no reason he receive more pts simply because he is lvl 600 and not 1000. His troop power is the same than the guy lvl 1000.

Ah, you’re right, I think Level 1000 players see a different and more limited game compared to people who are 600 and below, judging from comments from my guild.

I’m only Level 427. I realize it’s not fair to you, but I suspect the main reason that you are getting fewer tier points is to prevent purely 1000+ players from endlessly dominating the PvP leaderboard, due to all the advantages they’ve accumulated.

Yeah, you’re probably right. I can understand that but still ddnt find it fair. The only (very little) advantage I have compared to a lvl 600 could be a little better mana mastery (+1 or +2% more)…and its not even certain depending on the opponents guild mana mastery.

The whole leaderboard system needs reworked and thought out better, in my opinion. Losses aren’t punished enough and it’s simply who plays the most hours in the day that profits from their standing on the leaderboard. The variety in opponents is rather bad as well and has been mentioned by a few people on this forum.

Maybe the rumoured guild wars will shake things up when we know more about it, however, I’ve lost interest in ranked pvp and stop playing after I’ve gotten 5-10k points.

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It definitely makes a difference to the points on your 3t pvp matches if you put up a high value defence.
A def team at 9660 will give you 45-50+ points on a 3t but if your def team us, say, 8500 you will get 31+ ave 3t pvp.
When you change your def team it can take up to 6hrs to kick in depending on the cycle.

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My def team is 9586. And honestly, what a def team have to do with all that? I mean, when I invade, I use my attack team, not my defense team. Anyway with 9586 power def, I still never see 50 pts fights and almost never above 45.

You aren’t going to see many people with a higher defense score than that. You’re near the top tier, so it makes sense you are going to see people with lower power than you. Thus less gold and points.

Class dismissed.

You gotta lower your power rating to get around it.

Which is why people started switching to 1 troop defense. You start seeing teams with less power ratings, which leads to more variety in teams.

When I look on my profile the score of my def team is lower (8586). I dunno, the 2 guys above me at rank 2 and 3 have very good and powerful def team too, but with 500 wins they have 23k points. Me with 550 wins I have 21k. and I do 90% of 3 troph matchs. Even with 100% 3 troph fights, I wont have their total. Thats why I think its when a player reach lvl 1000 that the fewer points fights happen. Just my opinion, I might be wrong though.

You could be right, none of us have it figured out. They won’t let us.


I still want to know why I can battle an opponent who has a power rating of 7200 and is worth 1700gold on PC. My power rating is 8500. 1300 difference in power and I still get 1700 gold.

When I battle opponents on console same power levels I never ever see that much gold. Still no gold on console for certain players.

The pvp and matching needs to be reassessed. The strength of your attacker or defender should have no bearing on the pvp points to be gained.

The easy game opponent should be below a given strength. The hard opponent should be above a given strength. Those strengths should be based solely on your hero level and your pvp tier or rank. The higher you are the higher those thresholds should be. The amount of pvp points to be gained should be based on the difference between the strength score and the threshold.

I recently changed my defending team to a 2 troop team of about 7k strength. I’ve noticed the strength of the middle opponent has been weaker. The hard opponent has been more variable and not consistently over 9k like it was.

Yes, its a known situation, much less gold on consoles. But I dont know the reason if any.

It’s all the 5* cities we have, they boost team score, and that reduces gold / pvp points.

I have two 3* kingdoms, all the rest are 5*-7* so my team out scores almost everyone.