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Cant find weak opponent in Casual PVP

I don’t know what is happening this week but when I refresh my opponents even more than 10 times I never get anyone below 4900 team score and most of the time nobody below 6500 whereas last week I got many opponent below level 4000 and even 1000-2000 team score.

I am level 1095 and last week I was level 1090 when I was still getting weak opponent when refreshing.

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It just means the baby boomers grew up

… and the game is too complicated for new players to want to stay…
Hell, I’m old and the game feels complicated for me.
We just lost 3 guild members last week since the patch :anguished:


In only one week such drastic change in opponents choices it doesn’t really make sense

Meanwhile in ranked 3 trophy matches I’ve been fighting dragon teams, which is fine, but legendary dragon teams with not all troops traited. I’m level 1100something and in a formidable guild… I’m used to fighting meta teams at max strength. :man_shrugging:

Lol… Sorry… This can’t be real right?
Do ranked PvP for like a week. Then try casual the week after. See if you get “easy” opponents then.
If you get you tier 1 in ranked PvP then you won’t get “easy” opponents in casual for the rest of the week.


This still doesn’t explain anything because I have attain tier 1 in PVP for at least 6 months straight, including 2 weeks ago… So that doesn’t explain why I got several 1000-3000 team score opponent last week and none this week

Are you tier 1 currently?

I am presently tier 14 in PVP( I just checked). I stayed at that rank especially for that.

Okay this is so stupid, I had to refresh more than 30 times to get the only opponent at 2000 score whereas I keep refreshing the same high score team over and over . Like 3 times the same guys even if I refresh 7 times… Arggg.

I spent 30k gold on refresh so far tonight and found a sub 5000 score team only 7 times lmao

Look like you will need to find another way to chase pet gnome :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ya that’s for sure. I did that last week but now it is impossible

It usually only lasts for a week. I’ve had it happen and fellow guildmates went through the same frustrations. Keep trying just in case it sorts itself out before weekly reset but if not . . . you should be back to normal next week.

I have hit the refresh button a thousand times plus so far this week and got less than 20 team below 5000 loll.

Ya hopefully this bad luck cease next week

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Your gold would be better in the LT :slight_smile:

We never get to the legendary task unfortunately. My 1.2 m gold Donation each week is enough as is


This week so far I am having a shit ton of weak opponents after very few refreshes(compare to 30-50 re freshest needed last week) although I finish in tier 1 PVP last week…

I really don’t know how the matchmaking system work but it is quite weird to see such drastic change in opponents choice from week to week whitout any change in my PVP rank…

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I am still finding so many sub 4000 opponents.

Man I don’t know what happened last week but is is not comparable to the slightest…

The weekly snotstone event is for pvp only this week. More and/or different players in pvp.

Hmm interesting