Did not get all guild task rewards

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
My guild had many tasks completed in a short period of time. Should have gotten plenty rewards, but only got fraction. For example, should have gotten about 400 glory keys, but only got 60. Same with other rewards. At least one other guild member reported similar experience.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Not sure. Could be that when too many tasks complete before you collect them, you only get the most recent ones and lose the first ones. Another possibility is that if I invaded without collecting task rewards first, previous rewards are lost.


For what I know, and don’t quote me on this, the server can only save so much information, everything after 92 tokens or 20 task is lost, in order to prevent this players have to login frecuently or else they loose a lot of stuff as you did. Kind of an unfair tratment for guilds who put much more effort than other guilds I think and also because this is not “public” information.

Perhabs devs could help you but I think they have no way to check this back.

This system was created to prevent players from sitting inactive on guilds for many days or months and then loging to get an outrageous amount of stuff. (Or at least is what I think)

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U can only get the rewards of 20 tasks in the current system, that’s why in my guild, members can only donate after other members have collected the previous 20 rewards.

Signing in to validate @yonizaf’s description, as we are in the same guild and I had the same experience, as many of our other guild members reported. Our guild master donated a huge amount of gold this morning, and as reported we only received a fraction of the rewards. Can reparation be made based on the amount of gold donated. Our guild is Anonymous. @Sirrian, can anything be done?

Huh, sure would have been nice to know this before I wasted all those millions. :rage:

Come to think of it, I did get this in a support email a while ago:

When contributing to the guild and donating could you please do it in portions and at different times of the day

But that was in regards to the guild roster not displaying the proper donation amount.
He said nothing about there being a reward limit…

If this was the purpose, they should have just made old tasks expire after some days, rather than just limiting the number of tasks, which, as you said, is actually hurting the more active guilds.

20 is a fine number for that you say, or at least back when the system was implemented, guilds didn’t use to make 20-25 task a day, and even now, lesser guilds still don’t do more than 3-4 a day. I think the system they use is correct or down to fine, It was (Obviusly) first not implemented for this state of the game that we are now, where guilds now do su much more than before.

Of course, again, this is all only my personal opinion, the system could even be this way for other reasons or maybe only due to server issues, it would be nice if we got a little inside of it from @Sirrian, and perhabs they would look a way to improve it for us to not loose this amount of stuff weekly.

How skewed is your version’s economy?

On the PS4, my Guild has been full and everyone is active as hell and the TOTAL Gold we all have contributed in the last 2 months is UNDER 3 million…

What you mean? ;0

It wasn’t just this morning. Pretty sure it was last week too.

And not only that, plenty of other people made/make donations at the beginning of the week as well. Had no idea those needed to be spread out.

This is absurd.

It should be up to the guild leader to effectively maintain the roster and boot freeloaders in a timely fashion. I refuse to believe any excuse based on developer concern for guilds being taken advantage of; it would be the first instance of unannounced proactive “help” in the game’s history.

Such an artificial limit reeks of bad faith from the people in charge.

Me too. But it will be difficult to trace back.
If we could get back what we missed today, it would be something.

And you absolutely should.

People put real money into this game. That gold spent on tasks has real value. This isn’t something the publisher can just sweep under the rug; they might be setting themselves up for a class action if they’re intentionally/negligently failing to provide items people are paying for, even if the items are virtual.

Issue has been happening in our guild also…but hadn’t realised there was a maximum limit.

The screenshot below from this morning equates to exactly 20 tasks (1 x Map, 7 x Key, 1 x Souls, 7 x Gems and 4 x Tokens to get 77 tokens total).

How many other rewards were lost, I am not sure. But I have similar screen shots over the past few weeks which in hindsight, I can now see that also hit this invisible limit.

And another from Saturday (3 days ago)… (20 tasks = 6 x Key, 1 x Soul, 5 x Gem, 8 x Token)

Can’t believe what i am reading here. Didn’t notice there was a cap, but if is true than wow that is seriously wrong. Everything you donate to the guild should be paid out to all guild members. I am in shock.

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@Sirrian I think you or one of the other devs needs to address this issue one way or another. It seems to me that @dhjl should at least get the gold back. Five million is one helluva lot to essentially get flushed down the toilet.

Update: I sent a support request, and they gave me the keys and stuff missing.

Not sure about the rest of the guild. Maybe each need to send support requests, or just wait for a dev to answer here and solve this collectively (Or maybe they already refunded everyone, but I don’t think they did).

You can’t expect from the players to know what they have exactly missed.

We should really wai for some input from devs. In any case top guilds will probably implement some guidance to avoid looses in the meantime.
Active members can easily in average contribute to 4-8 tasks which means that only 3 members can reach the limit in a short time on Monday.

really? When my guild found this problem, we thought this was on purpose, so we didn’t ask for any refund. We just make a schedule for the donation time and it works well.