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Constantly missing guild rask rewards

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I collect my guild task rewards after all of the normal tasks are completed and, as of late, I’ve been constantly missing rewards, regardless of server issues. I expect to get:

590 Gems, 42 Event Keys, 360 Glory, 63 Gem Keys, 396 Glory Keys, 5900 Souls, 670 Gold Keys, 9 Maps

Last week, I missed a lot of stuff (6 maps, 150 gems, 4 glory keys, 1,700 souls), and while I eventually got them all from my ticket on zendesk (which, btw, should be your channel if you want to request missing rewards, not this forum), this is still a problem. Now, I’ve lost only 110 gold keys, and since I got more than that as an extra from last week’s ticket I won’t open another one, but it goes to show that the problem is still there.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

I have absolutely no idea. Maybe my guild is too active, and tasks are completed too soon (all normal tasks are completed in less than 8 hours) and too close to one another.

I am no expert on these things @MakoSipper BUT

I think it might be guild Karma for leaving Mean Machine without saying goodbye. :cry:

Seriously though, miss having you, glad you’re doing well, and I DO hope this gets resolved for you quickly. :wink:

Take Care!


We are currently working to fix this issue. I don’t have an ETA at the moment when it will be resolved.

Good chance we’ll make an announcement once it is.

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I am in same guild as mako and I think most of us are having the same issue. I know you are busy but please help us when you can.


Intrim II had the same issue last week. My advice is to submit support tickets, I think it was resolved by Wednesday.

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lol did you even read my message? :smile:

I did, but missed that part somehow. Catching up on the forums right after work doesn’t always work very well.

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@Nimhain: Just reporting that I’ve received my guild rewards correctly this week. Not sure if anything was done or if I was just lucky, but I got all my rewards this time.

Feels like it’s still random, two weeks ago I was missing stuff, last week everything was OK, this week I’m again some gems and keys lighter than should be (I deliberately not loot any guild rewards in the first 12h to check that :frowning: )

Last week (or the week before?) at least 3 of my guildmates missed rewards; I wasn’t paying careful attention but as far as I could tell I didn’t miss any. This week I definitely missed at least one reward (50 diamonds). I opened a support ticket for it today but I’m hoping this issue isn’t like the Monday gold glitch that’s been hounding GoW players for what seems like at least a year. I know bugs can sometimes be a huge pain to track down so I’m not complaining, just hoping this isn’t one of those. :slight_smile:

If I hadn’t read this thread I would have thought I was nutz because I was loosing one or two rewards last three weeks.

But I wasn’t monitoring it like a hawk, so I didn’t report it.