Friend of mine did not receive any rewards from guild tasks

So, me and my friend are in the same guild, and while I have received guild task rewards as normal, she doesn’t have any of them in her mail. Neither on PC nor on Smartphone. Anyone else have this problem?

Update: The new week seems not to have started for her yet? She gave some gold to tasks and instead of adding up to her weekly gold, it only added to her total gold. She also did not receive any rewards from that.

Tell her to submit a ticket.

Done. Very weird what’s happening here.

Looks like a similar bug as here:

In that topic @Nimhain posted that they are looking for a fix and publicly announce when they fixed it. Apparently the bug is still around.

It would be nice if crew can give an update about this. A properly working rewards system is vital for the game.

Interesting, but also concerning if this has been going on for months now. Seems like there are also cases where people only partially lose their rewards. In this case she’s not getting a single reward at all.