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Destiny 2. Where are my gaurdians?

Who here is excited about Destiny 2 coming SOON?

I was addicted as hell to Destiny up through The Taken King. Then I lost interest after that. I cant wait for Destiny 2 to drop. Played the Beta a while back. Who else here plays or will be playing? I will be looking for a group to get with for the raids and such. I am on X1. If we have a lot of players here, maybe we can use this thread to get some groups together.

Sorry bud I will be playing on ps4 or I would hit you up.

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Also playing on PS4. Super pumped!!! Clan is “Royal Sampler” we have east coast and west coast players - happy to add folks!

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I played a ton for awhile of D1. HM Raids across all 3 Characters, Lighthouse, etc.

I can not express my displeasure at Bungie enough over their atrocious marketing campaign pretending like the X1X does not exist. I’ve personally decided to give my money to those developers that are supporting their product and including free 4k/HDR updates with clear consumer friendly information.

Just one example: I never got around to playing Witcher 3. They clearly have communicated they are supporting their product without shenanigans and giving owners a free 4k/HDR update… they get my money.

There are like 120+ developers that have done this and we are still months out from the X1X, more than enough to chose from.

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I will be playing on Xbox one. Excited for D2! I am getting the collectors edition :smile:

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Saw you playing the beta, thought for sure you were in. I understand where you are coming from though. I would think by the time I get around to getting the X1X, I may already be done, or close to done, with D2. Likely be next year before I pick it up. Never a fan of jumping to be one to get one of the first production of any new system.

I’m actually more excited for Anthem. D2 just looks so much like a continuation of the original whereas Anthem could really mix things up.

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For me “Sea of Thieves” hold the most promise. Heck, even my wife asked me the last week when I was going to buy that pirate game because it looked interesting.

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Have you played Blackwake. I don’t think you need to wait for Sea of Thieves when Blackwake already exists. As far as I’ve seen, it’s basically the same game but beat them to the finish line.

anthem does look pretty dope. but I’m only on PS4, so wopwah!

It’s gonna be on both. EA doesn’t do exclusives.

To be fair Microsoft doesn’t either, all there games are on PC too. They only do a single exclude (PS), no more exclusives. And some Microsoft games like Minecraft are on everything everywhere.

I was playing the Destiny 2 Beta when it went free on the weekend. Against my disgust toward Bungie’s obnoxious Marketing campaign, I gave them $90 yesterday (at least I know I’m all in, no emote moves for me). I’ve got too many friends I enjoy chatting and playing with more… (than my issues w/ Bungie). Besides I did enjoy D1.

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I will be playing tuesday 0h00 game is already installed and waiting for me to find my first exotic weapon :slight_smile:


I was excited, but figured it now would have to compete with gems for my time. With the latest patch to gems, I’ll turn my focus on to destiny instead.

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I’m excited for this :smile::smile: playing on PS4

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If people are worried about their guilds kicking them, or want to join a less active guild with D2 about to drop, please let me know! Our guild Casual Spirit happy to take folks on board who may a bit less active. Also; if you’re looking for a clan in D2, and are interested in joining one, feel free to PM me!

Are you ready!



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I’m getting it this weekend on ps4. I have only played the first one a few times.

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Game is awesome i only having problem to find people in the multiplayer mode. And like the first destiny, sometime you losing connection with the server, i hope they will fix it soon The story mode is very nice level 11 already :slight_smile: