Has anyone played Trove on ps4?


I have started playing Trove on ps4 and found it to be quite enjoyable! It is a voxel mmo and i am trying to put a crew together! Unfortunately if i understand correctly European players and N. American players are on separate servers so we cant play together but i would be happy to play with anyone in N. America who is interested or might be!

PM me if you want to play! Or if you are already playing i would be glad for some helpful tips a n00b can use!


Wish I liked those pixel games brudda…


I dont think we would be able to play together anyway tho because you would be on the European server… Which sucks imho


I actually have a semi high level character in this game. Been a while since I played though, but it’s pretty fun. Although I spent way more time building my house than I did actually playing


Lol i bet! If you ever want to play together @Pantenkind let me know!


I played it for a while but it eventually got repetitive. Mixing up my class helped some, but I still lost interest. That said, I rather enjoyed it while the fun lasted. And I’m not even that big on voxel or builders.


@Delinquent did you play on ps4? If so and you want to play once in a while let me know but if you dont wanna play anymore i would gladly accept any items you would like to donate😜


Haha, yeah, I was on PS4. No plans to play at the moment but I still have it installed should they do something cool. If I come back, I’ll holler at you and see if you’re still playing.


That would be great! If you want when i get home and can check what it is exactly i will give you my psn and you can add me


Is this game like mine craft then?


@EmsDad15 it is kinda like if minecraft and WoW had a baby lol