CONSOLE: New Kingdom - Blackhawk

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Prepare to be boarded!

New Kingdom: Blackhawk

Talk-like-a-pirate-day may have passed, but that’s no reason not to give a hearty “YARRRRR!” for the arrival of Blackhawk.

Ever wondered what happened to Tyri’s father in Zhul’Kari? Or how Tyri and Marid could EVER be related? These questions and more will be answered as you search for treasure on the high seas!

With the release of Blackhawk, 6 new troops have been added to chests:

  • Ship’s Cannon (common)
  • Deck Hand (rare)
  • Pirate (rare)
  • Sharkey (ultra-rare)
  • Lil’ Johnny Bronze (epic)
  • The Kraken (legendary)

You may see a couple more pirate-y folk in the story - they’ll be arrrr-iving in our upcoming Blackhawk event!

Please note this Kingdom is only releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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Wooo first response!


Quick Note: Blackhawk is not yet released on Consoles. Pirates hi-jacked the blog post and posted it early.

Blackhawk will not release until after the Daily Reset.



News: Console: New Kingdom: Blackhawk: Coming Soon: Maybe.

Yay my kids will be happy, they keep asking when it’s coming on their PS4 version.

Today’s kiddie PS4 GoW account trivia: our defence team of DragonSoul and other friendly dragons has a win rate of about 75%… Fun evidence that DragonSoul is seriously overpowered for lower levels - we are only level 100ish, but got a lucky DragonSoul drop early in event keys from our (mostly German and not really very active) Guild…

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Blackhawk should now be available.

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How can we get kraken? Only glory and gem chests?

My ritual was successful!


Am I the only one who can’t stand memes and thinks they all should either have their own thread, or be banished to hell?
(wants for someone to reply with a meme)


Is it possible that you can show me how your lucky ritual looks like through a GIF?


… Gifs too!

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This 1000 candles light ritual have really been good for me lately. I recommend it.


Be aware of this hook, it really got me…

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How hooked were you? :smirk:

Well, I was close to hit myself… Try mythic him as fast as possible with the event keys…

No thanks! I’d rather stare at a baboons backside.

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So, how long before the Blackhawk event? Next week?