New Pet - Puppy Pirate

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New Pet: Puppy Pirate


A new pet has been released, Puppy Pirate. You can get your Puppy Pirate from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Puppy Pirate will only be available from the Talk Like A Pirate Day Pet Event.

He’s so cool! :heart:

Barrrrrk! :dog: :smiley:

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formatting issues again

I fixed it!

(Am still having issues with Wordpress though…)

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Well, that answers the pants question I guess.

So many cosmetic Blackhawk pets! :confused:

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One of my fav pets. And decided to go all in (to get a 2nd Mythic pet for the PL) cuz this Kingdom only seems to get cosmetic pets. I however wish it was a little bigger, it’s quite tiny on the shoulder. It’s cute tho and is fitting my Titan hero. :grin:

Hurray!!! Another useless pet … as if we don’t have enough of those yet :unamused: :unamused::unamused:

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37 kingdoms. 16 cosmetic pets. 4 are from Blackhawk and 3 are from Dragons Claw. :man_shrugging:


Evenly distribute pets across the kingdoms and not just pile on 3-4 useless into one.

Pirates and dragons like to dress up :laughing:.

What is this? A cross-over episode?

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