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New Kingdom - Blackhawk

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/new-kingdom-blackhawk/
Prepare to be boarded!

New Kingdom: Blackhawk

Talk-like-a-pirate-day may have passed, but that’s no reason not to give a hearty “YARRRRR!” for the arrival of Blackhawk.

Ever wondered what happened to Tyri’s father in Zhul’Kari? Or how Tyri and Marid could EVER be related? These questions and more will be answered as you search for treasure on the high seas!

With the release of Blackhawk, 6 new troops have been added to chests:

  • Ship’s Cannon (common)
  • Deck Hand (rare)
  • Pirate (rare)
  • Sharkey (ultra-rare)
  • Lil’ Johnny Bronze (epic)
  • The Kraken (legendary)

You may see a couple more pirate-y folk in the story - they’ll be arrrr-iving in our upcoming Blackhawk event!

Please note this Kingdom is currently only available for Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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First isn’t 10 characters apparently.

… Also, its giving me an endless loading animation. WTB servers.

Tyri’s dad is in the storyline…
To be honest…
He’s not at all what I expected :disappointed_relieved:

Spoiler text!!! EDIT: nope, not Spoiler text… er, well, spoiler text! from @sirrian!

Can anyone confirm that new troops have indeed appeared? I just did a bunch of gold chests and didn’t get any Blackhawk troops… @sirrian?

gold chests:

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You might have to restart app first

Blackhawk troops are definitely in chests.

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Yarrr! A pirate’s life for me, you mangy currs!

Why Blackhawk when the hawk is blue?
Else, most beautiful banner/logo ever ;-).

Because it’s a kingdom of Pirates… those who run the black flag.

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Nice done ;-). But in fact, my question was more: why the hawk is blue and not black?

Cool Kingdom, can’t wait for the quests! .:grin: Looking forward to Monday now to spend some event keys.

Because the kingdom is primarly Blue/ Brown and we’ve tried to keep kingdoms shields reflecting the kingdom colors.


@sirrian @Nimhain

Kraken’s third trait: is sorta working - no damage numbers appear when it triggers, but the enemy’s life / armour does go down… intended? it’s kinda confusing…

The Pirate Isles
The Pirate Kingdom of Blackhawk is the scourge of the western seas.
Banner: Kraken Banner (This banner gives +2 Brown, +1 Blue, and -1 Purple Mana when matching gems.)
Tribute: 200 Gold, 1 Glory, 4 Souls
At Level 10: +1 Attack

New troops, in ascending order of rarity:

Kingdom is in the kingdom page:

Quests are here (spoilers):


I thought that was normal with traits. Do Many Heads or Thorns show damage numbers? Also there’s Mana Burn…

Undoubtedly this is the same thing as Mana Burn numbers not appearing. Not that I’ve got Kraken yet.

Maybe it appearing on more things will make it a greater ROI to fix the thing - apparently its complicated as hell to do.

Killing the last enemy with the Tentacles trait causes the battle to hang. Can’t even access the gear to retreat or exit normally, only a force quit will work.

And by undoubtedly I mean maybe. I honestly have no idea what it looks like.