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The update is here!

So I just turned on my XBone to collect a tribute before heading to work…and instead I’m greeted by a prompt for a pretty sizeable update.

After taking it, I see new quests, a different map, a slightly different UI…looks like some cool stuff.

Wish I didn’t have to work today, would love to explore all the changes!!

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Sounds great, looking forward to it. Another 3 hours of work…using these forums will help pass the time of 21st century slavery!

If only console players could continue our profiles on mobile too :slight_smile:

Nice but where are the difficulties? Have to play on Warlord cant find it

good morning gems players my game is updating right now what do we have to look forward to?

check now to ps4 and no update

Terrible new tasks. 5 gems for 20 construct fights

hero classes and finally the new treasure hunt :slight_smile:

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At the Battle screen. Its still there.

That’s not terrible; Having it start at -1 is! rofl

You can now only d4 tasks per day. Thats not coolo

The tasks aren’t terrible at all.

The issue is the rewards of 5 Gems are weak. UNLESS with the new guild changes in 2.1 they are going to completely remove or DRASTICALLY reduce Guild Gem tasks to tighten the economy.

I just checked the PS4; no update on it yet.

Can you confirm that the update is live?

Are all 4 tasks active together? If so, what other tasks are you seeing?

Won’t be playing 20 matches for 5 gems personally. Hopefully it does not stay active until it is completed

20 fights with 3 units with purple also 5 gems and the other to are old ones. After you finish one, the slot is locked for a day

FYI the update download size was 1896 MB on Xbox One.

My installed game dropped from 2.1 GB to 1.9 GB, so it looks like they’ve recompressed the bundled load files.

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Sounds tedious

Ah, Task List is already bugged from the get-go:

Win 20 battles using at least 3 unique Beasts troops in your army. 5 Gems. (-1/20)
From the guild menu, Contribute at least 50,000 gold to guild tasks. 10 Gems. (-1/50000)
Win 10 battles using 4 unique troops of the same race. 5 Gems. (-1/10)

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Everything seems to be for gems… and not very many of them.

Hopefully the rest of the update is more interesting

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And due to that bug, it takes 21 battles to complete the task. :open_mouth:

How are the treasure maps and Arena working out?