Life outside of GoW

Hey all!! With the NCAA March Madness starting up next week and spring right around the corner what do you do for fun? Also do you participate in the Madness? I do :smiley: I fill out my bracket on selection Sunday night and hope for the best! I always have a team in the tourney as they own the Big 12 conference :wink: I also enjoy being outdoors for fun; hiking, fishing, and walking. Spring is my favorite season and I look forward the beautiful weather :slight_smile: So how about you?

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I play a lot of Badminton, go Cycling when the weather is good in Scotland and I play Football twice a week usually.

I also played the PVE side of Destiny extremely competitively/hardcore and got a world top 10 finish on one of the hard mode raids the day it got released. I stopped playing said game in August 2016 since there wasn’t enough content for me to continue playing and I wasn’t happy with the direction the game was ultimately headed towards.

I’m also a collector of Adidas trainers and some New Balance trainers, too, but mostly Adidas.


Life outside of Gems of War? What’s that?


“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”


Badminton…i got a chuckle outta that! Played when i was little. Do you see aloy of Harolds out there on the court lol

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Played way too much Destiny myself. I always go back when there is new content and play for a bit (basically I get Max LL with the 3 characters with every update) . I do both PvE (Raids) and PvP (Lighthouse).

Really SOON they are re-releasing all the old raids at current LL. 70% of the Destiny community is going to blame their teammates else why they can get trough VoG or CE on HM. I think new players are in for a big suprise when the enemies are their level for these old Raids;)

So I heard, yes. About 90% of the Destiny community have always been morons who wanted the game so casual to the point where you had to do nothing of value at all for end game loot, such a joke. I had a stacked team for raids so said content was never a problem for me, but I’ve heard all the stories about randoms and seen how terrible players can be doing strikes, etc.

I hardly keep tabs on the game now and I won’t be back for Destiny 2 unless it’s a COMPLETELY new game and they can prove that.

I’ll have to wait for Borderlands 3 regarding a shoot and loot game unless Destiny 2 is an absolute masterpiece and can claw me back.

Extremely off topic and apologies for other posters, ha ha!

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Borderlands 3 yesssssss :slight_smile:

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Leisure suit larry…just saying


There is no life outside Gems of War, except that that exists in FFXV.


Gardening, cooking, crafting (Card Making and Bead Craft)


FFXIV, you mean.


(I could not bring myself to care about the road-trip bromance of FFXV. Too much hair gel.)


I am sorry you felt that way. I find I am loving XV in a way I have not since X. And I have never played XIV, never wanted to.

I play several games outside of GoW- WoW, FFXIV, Diablo 3, and Overwatch to name a few.

I also enjoy playing board games when possible such as Lords of Waterdeep, Monarch, Mice and Mystics and Super Dungeon Explore. The last one allows me to occasionally paint miniatures when I have the time.


I usually read a lot. I’m sorry, but I love to read. My genre varies from hardcore action to fantasy fiction. And sometimes maybe to treat a absolutely good cliffhanger some mush


Love that necklace!

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Yes… I have to tease you for this.

None of you Devs should be playing anything but Gems of War, yes that’s right. Play it from sunrise to sunset. Eat it, breathe it, live it, bleed it. Know what’s good about it and what’s not good about it. Know what could be added to it and what could be subtracted from it.

If you want to play anything other than Gems of War I recommend playing its predecessors, yes that’s right. No life for you guys, nope, that’s right, no life. In a dungeon playing Gems of War between bathroom breaks, and or meal time breaks (if you’re good) is all the life you need, yes that’s right.

I’m shocked to read such a thing of you Devs having a life outside of Gems of War, what nonsense is this anyway? No life, just gems, gems, gems. No friends and family either except that they are within gems, gems, gems, yes that’s right.

(I had to :sweat_smile::smiley::smile::laughing::laughing::grinning::laughing::laughing:)


Lol, it’s very hard to have a life outside of IT jobs sometimes. I’m just a baby at my FT job, assisting the network admin with troubleshooting problems and setting up new hires with permissions in active directory and our database, but he’s on call 24/7, and I see the emails at 2-4 AM from the company’s users almost every other day. SOMEHOW he survives when he has three boys plus he is a cub scout leader.

On my free time, it’s mostly gaming, networking, programming. I’ve only started within the last two years. Really want to get some certs within a year or so. Lately, have been doing adoption classes for county adoption program, and they give out tons of paperwork to do at home, too…


I get what your saying and I know its I jest (and its amusing). But in reality designers/developers that are “gamers first” and absolutely love games are the best for us. They should be playing all types games “sunrise…” in their free time. So they can get great ideas, mechanics, designs, styles, new directions, etc then bring all that back to GEMS for us!!! :smiley:


Thank you very much.

I love making really unusual jewelry. Custom is my favorite

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