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New to the game. Wanting tips

Hi to all here,

I am happy to be part of the community but still think I lack some knowlege of the game and would like help getting to know the game.

Please Add Me on XBOX Live: Gaz l 14 l

I will however still come back and check here for replies.



You may find it easier to just ask questions here, as there may be PS4 or PC/Mobile players that will be willing to help in addition to any XBox players that would add you on Live.

Go play Destiny 2 is my helpful advice.

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If you’re not already in a guild, you should definitely join one as soon as you can. The benefits of being in a guild are humongous, as there’s no downside… unless you join a guild that has requirements, such as “earn max seals and contribute x amount of gold each week”. In that case, the downside is time investment.
I recommend only joining guilds that are okay with you not contributing gold yet, because you need that gold to gradually level up kingdoms.

Most active guilds would require you to earn trophies then, which are earned by invading other players and winning.
Then, there are the mega-laid-back guilds that don’t need you to do anything, they just want to see you playing every so often. Like my guild: a chunk of players don’t contribute much but still play the game, as evidenced by the seals they’ve collected. (You earn seals just by playing normally, if you’re in a guild.)

I didn’t play Gems of War for like 5 months and they didn’t even kick me out. Then I came back and started playing again, and now I’m suddenly the second highest rank in the guild. I guess the leader appreciates my seal earnings, despite us not speaking the same language…

Don’t spend diamond for soul is my expert advice :slight_smile:

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Save your first 500 diamonds for an armor.
The bonus Soul and Money will help in the long run.

Before investing souls or stone in a troop, ask here or guild mate, if that awesome troop really is…

Gems, not diamonds. They’re two different in-game currencies.
Read the forum
Save gems for dragon armour, don’t waste your time and gems getting any of the others, or buy deathknight armour from the game store
Watch tacet the terror’s videos on YouTube
Join a good guild
Ask questions
Try to enjoy the game.
Regards, Daniel.

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