Design-a-Weapon! (Week 1: Weapon Type)


In the honour of Valentine’s Day, we have a gift for you…

Design-a-Weapon is here! Each week there will be a different aspect to vote on or contribute too. The voting will be live for 7 days for each round, and when all is said and done we will have a new weapon to bring to Krystara! This week you can weigh in on the type of weapons, so without further ado… Go here to place your votes:!

We have been cooking this up for quite some time, and can’t wait to see what you all come up with. :heart::crossed_swords:


I know where my vote is going here. There’s sooooo few Missiles in the game right now.

Would love to see another large exploder that creates a Storm, really hoping that Jar of Eyes and Mountain Crusher are Blue and Brown in a “cycle” of sorts.


If you love Thief class then please vote for Missile.

Small problem on an iPhone: I get an error message telling me I must be signed in. Pushing “Sign in” directs me back to this thread.

Same here. Wants me to sign up for a google acct. Next.

Oops. I take my vote back.

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Awesome idea! You always do something to make us feel included. Plus we actually get to vote on stuff.

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Just fixing the issue of not being able to access the form without a google account now. :slight_smile:
Give it a few moments and refresh the page to vote.

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How can you not love Thief class?!?!?

Could this be a first good Tome ever???
I just need to click on it couple hundred times.
Why not just a poll @Saltypatra where we can see results?


Presumably this contest is open to all social media platforms that I+2 runs. If it were only a forums poll, then Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, MySpace, GeoCities, Second Life, and whatever other groups could not vote as easily. Here we are all at equal (dis)advantage.


I wouldn’t bet on it.

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That’s how!

Lmao, “back up” is not exclusive to the thief class.

More commonly used and its not the only summon Thieves have.

Anyway. Missiles are rare and we need more. Tomes are rare and we don’t need more because they’re (mostly) irredeemably bad.


Dragon’s Heart:
Transform all enemies into Baby Dragons!
And let it grant the hero ‘Empowered’ as the final upgrade…let’s just save some time, why not.
It’s not my intention to provoke or insult the Devs so bare with me please…I just can’t understand their current priorities at all :frowning:


If it will help your decision, don’t forget that you can see all the Weapons that currently exist in the game and then sort by Type, Mana Cost, Mana Colour(s) etc…

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Indeed, that’s bard/DE:

Seen there’s just a whopping 1 decent tome (secret of the crypt) in the game my vote gone there, could be Imperial Codex (let’s take smthing from WH40K too :3), transform all enemy’s in paesants and silence them, sound fair :3

And that clearly isn’t a missle :joy:

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Name: Cupid’s Bow
Type: Missle
Mana Color: Red
Mana Cost: 20

Spell: Charm all enemies.

Waiting for nerf thread to start :joy:

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