Community Design-a-Weapon (Name Voting!)

Remember this? Yeah, us too…

But nonetheless, it is time to vote on a name for our Community Weapon!

To refresh your memory, here is the info about the weapon.

Rarity: Epic

Home Kingdom: Sin of Maraj

Weapon Type: Scythe

Mana Color: Yellow

Spell Description: Steal {1} Life from all Enemies, then inflict Bleed.

(Please note, as it has been mentioned previously the spell may change in the final version due to balance reason, but we will be trying to keep the spirit of the spell intact).

You choices are the following:

  • Scythie McScytheface
  • Blood Harvester
  • Spirit Reaver
  • • Devil’s Kiss
  • • Bloodlust
  • • Demon’s Fangs
  • • Maraj’s nightmare

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This poll will run a for a week, so get voting!

Maraj’s Nightmare or Devil’s Kiss for the winner. Went with the first one tho :grin:

My vote is for Demon’s Fangs, but I think it shouldn’t be pluralized. Since a scythe has a single blade, I reckon it should be Demon’s Fang.


Night Raje(Rage) ;}

Super duper late Scythe.

… not accepting names anymore are we, dammit.


I’m still gunning for the “280 character-long Blood-Letter”, but since that’s not in the poll, and the others seem somewhat tame (I feel like I’d need something with a bit more of an… ‘edge’, for a scythe) – Scythie McScytheface it is!

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Interestingly, I can’t see any mention of this poll on the GoW Twitter, Facebook or Reddit.

I was planning to cross post tomorrow to the other socials tomorrow, for full disclosure.


Of COURSE the best name is in the lead! Lol
Looks like Scythy ftw! Ahead by A LAND SIDE!
@Saltypatra is there an electoral college that is taking over the vote? Or is there a possibility that we actually get McSytheface as the name of this weapon with winning guess?! :smiley:

I did myself a favour and deleted my post. I think we have a winner…

43% of voters currently show no originality/think voting for a tired internet meme is funny.



Disappointed that Epic Flail did not make it to the list of voting options :cry:


Scythieeeee… ‘_’

Or some of those voters think all the other options show less originality/entertainment value than even a tired internet meme. YMMV.


It’s probably to make up for the last community poll forgetting about the forums at least once.

I don’t see my fan-favorite names, “Long Pipeline” or “Automated Tool” so I’m not really into these names. Not even “Scythe Equivalent”.

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Fwiw, some pictures from the original suggestion thread (Community Weapon Name) of the selected options:

And some other popular suggestions that didn’t make the cut :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::


Even more of a reason why this isn’t a community weapon. Oy vay. 🤦

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But it is. The community was involved in designing the weapon, I’d even say to a great extent. As for naming the weapon, they’d be utterly daft to give full control over that to the community. They actually took the one established good approach to ask the community for name suggestions, then pick a subset of names they are okay with for the community to vote on. Saves the embarrassment of possibly having to explain why the weapon didn’t get named “Play Candy Crush, It’s Better And Costs Less”, in spite of winning by a landslide. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe the weapon was delayed in hopes of others like you forgetting how the forum users were left out of the step before “naming it”.

I disagree. They picked the name that they themselves liked. Then had it compete against names that they knew would lose to it. And that is our selection. Not even close.
A “force” basically.

Good news, my memory seems to be far better than you expect, I even remember Salty apologizing personally for messing up that step. Thank you for showing so much interest in my mental capabilities, it’s nice to know that some people still care so much these days.

They picked names (plural) that were both reasonably popular and reasonably appropriate. Going by popularity, Scythie has every right to be on that list, no matter what they might have liked themselves.