Design-a-Weapon (Week 2: Kingdom)

The second round is here, adventurers!


The public has spoken and the new weapon will be a scythe. Now we need to know where it comes from. Vote here:! :european_castle: :european_castle: :european_castle:

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I’m incredibly surprised Missile didn’t win the first part!

As for the kingdoms here, I contemplated choosing Sin of Maraj since there are so few weapons there (only 3 Legendary and 1 Doomed!), but I ultimately went with Adana because that means a Mech Scythe and that’s cool.

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Is this a new logo?


Not sure how I feel about it.


No comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perils of non-preferential voting I suppose. Scythe wouldn’t have been in my top 3. :man_shrugging:

I went with Sin of Maraj due to the much smaller number of weapons from there, but I agree a Mech-Scythe would be cool too…

I also don’t know what to think about the new logo. A short blue sword is not a weapon that appeals to me.

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But you like a short white sword?

Contentious choice, but I’ll give it to you.

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Current weapon count
Adana: 6
Ghulvania: 6
Glacial Peaks: 7
Pen’s Vale: 7
Sin of Maraj: 4
Sword’s Edge: 7


My guess is that Sin of Maraj will win for this reason, but you never know!


A scythe from a Daemon kingdom is almost a cliche. Might as well have it in Ghulvania!

Swords Edge and Pan’s Vale don’t really make sense to do - SE is weird and PV is so random the type is insignificant - whereas an ice scythe or a mech scythe are both possible and appealing.

@Saltypatra so this new weapon we are helping design is this going to a mythic quality weapon similar to Dawnbringer?

Meaning it is 3-colors.

yea ugly logo :frowning:

This is Trump all over again. :roll_eyes:

There clearly aren’t enough The Vault weapons so I’m abstaining.


But adana does need it’s own wall troop.


So most people will naturally vote for Sin of Miraj, because the weapon is a scythe and the kingdom has the least amount of weapons. I think Primal should have gotten this weapon :thinking::sweat_smile:


Until 2 weeks from now we find out Glacial Peaks, Pan’s Vale or Swords Edge win because one eager beaver votes (or writes a script to vote) 100 times for it.
This contest thing is a wonderful idea by the devs. But unlike the redeem code site that tracks your IP address. This thing may be too easy to Exploit.
I don’t truly believe that a majority of the community INDIVIDUALS voted for Scythe… Sorry… Not sorry. 🤷

(I hope I’m right, and that 17% of the community here doesn’t actually think we need another worthless Tome Weapon.)

I actually think they want a Tome because all of the other Tome weapons are useless. The first great Tome. (second? Secrets of the Crypt is okay)


i voted for tome and now that scythe has won i dont care what happens with it so i wont be voting anymore on it xD

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The Survey Moneky is safer in regards to multiple votes than the Google Form as it tracks the IP addresses of those voting. :slight_smile: And I’ll have you know that the reason we aren’t using google forms is because some people thought it was unfair that they had to make a Google account to vote, as without a Google account the form is open to multiple votes.

On the note of the scythe being chosen, I do think it was pretty fair. After all, this was open to our entire community and playerbase, and was posted across all of our social media accounts! People just think scythes are cool, and not everyone would have spent as much time thinking about what weapon type would be most advantageous in game.