Design-a-Weapon! (Week 1: Weapon Type)

Nerf such a up wepon?

Should be at least “increase all enemy’s attack x5 then charm them all” to be barely decent :3

Name: Trident

Type: Missile

Mana Colour: Red

Mana Cost: 50

Spell: Nuke them from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure…! :rofl:

We need a deflect weapon so when DE attack your hero he will transform one of his troop in baby dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

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I giev missl

u get missl

Remove all Bandits and all classes with the “Back-up” talent from all players’ collections, permanently and irrevocably.

It’ll have forge-able upgrades that culminate in “remove all troops with a summon trait”.

It’d be kind of fun to have a weapon that deals damage to a target troop and to all other troops that share a color (or a type, instead) with the targeted troop. Could work with a nuke (missile) or tome (Tome of Weakness / of Dark Secrets).

Possibly this could boost with troops affected, which would make it very punishing in some situations and less so in others. That being said, I can barely remember the last time I did Guild Wars so perhaps this would just enrage everyone… :wink:

All those words can be summed up in one gif.
Lyya’s approach to guild wars now. :wink:

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Yes, I admit I’m probably not in the best position to suggest ideas. :slight_smile:

(Troop type would maybe be a better choice than color, though that would be annoying to have to click on every troop in battle to remember what type it is.)


Not if it’s goblins.

Explode row.
Deal 10 +magic damage to all allies.
5% chance to gain random orb.

What do you think will be the topic of the next round???

What color your hair should be.

*EDIT: What color the weapon should be.


Will we also be able to vote on the weapon upgrades? It would be a travesty to put something awesome together as a community only to be ruined by some “create a random gem.”


For the love of God can we get all the old weapons in the soul forge…I mean it’s cool to implement new stuff but there are still atleast 30 weapons that I don’t have because I wasn’t playing gems when it started or actually had a life one week and missed one…can you sort that out

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