Design-a-Weapon RESULTS!

It is here! Our community designed weapon is here!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated! I am sorry for the delay in posting results, but without further ado, here they are…


The community has spoken, and we will be bringing a yellow scythe from Sin of Miraj to Gems of War! There were a lot of amazing spell ideas sent out way, and we did our best to pick a diverse range that we thought our players would enjoy. The winning spell is the following: Steal X life from all Enemies, then inflict Bleed on one of them. (Scales from 0.5 Magic.)

The way the spell was worded when it went live in the poll was bit ambiguous, so we have clarified further here. We feel that this is in line with our current balancing, and reflects the value of an Epic weapon well. There may be further balance changes in the future, but for now we are happy with this iteration of the spell.


Half of the community has spoken. I never got to vote on the spell since the forums were ignored for the most important part of this weapon.


I do recommend following our social media? I am the one who dropped the ball on posting this to the forums as I was travelling overseas, and for that I do apologise.


A yellow weapon that is an exploder would have been nice…


I don’t have twitter or facebook though. Discord and the forums are enough for me.


An AOE scythe… If only someone would have predicted this… @TheIdleOne. :thinking:


Oh. Okay. So my Suggestion for the Spell-Effect won. Nice =)
Unfortunately I, like many others, couldn’t participate in the poll due to not using Social Meida :thinking:

I mean: Close enough:


I’m all for that.
Now we just need to have no affixes that create or remove random gems.


new low-cost weapon for the Arena?

At half-magic dmg, no boost ratio and no +dmg to its base value… Don’t count on it.

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Now that I think about, I really want a weapon that says: Curse and Poison an Ally, then do (effect).

Think that would have been quite fitting on a yellow Scythe.

Been waiting forever for a way to poke the bear… I mean Gargantaur… or Humility.

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I waste enough time on social media without adding GoW to it too!

At least on the Forums I can get on, open the threads that interest me, skip through them and then log off without constantly being dragged back by new posts…


Sorry, I don’t want nor want to follow social media. Since this was an accident, I’ll treat it differently.
Just don’t let it become the norm, ever!

Any voting decisions should be always posted on the GoW Official Forum first, only then elsewhere.
Also, I am not pleased with the spell and the weapon is not even Legendary or Mythic, but of Epic quality, which is not good enough for me.

Perhaps you should invent a way to upgrade every base weapon level to the best (Mythic) quality?


You would think that a ninja wouldn’t want to be followed everywhere.

However, this is one of those issues I will stick to my guns on. I loathe social media. I hate the fact that you guys will sometimes post important information there with little notice outside of other forumers posting it here. Accidents happen and that doesn’t bother me. Outside of that, what DOES bother me is for every update or feature that gets delayed or is left in the dark, a community poll moves forward as planned and we skip a couple voting steps. It couldn’t have been postponed a week to compensate?

I’m not trying to be mean, but it feels like every time I am impressed or happy about an update or planned feature coming in the next patch, it has to be ruined. 4.3 was pretty good, Tina got fixed quickly despite the fact it got missed in its fix. With a forum feeling less involved with so much secrecy area 51 is envious, a community event muddling like this cannot be disregarded as a simple mistake as while minor is part of a trend here.

Forget Georgia, this is voter suppression.

On the plus side, at least we have a scythe that steals life force.


Well said. All valid points.
I just hope that we are not talking to a wall.

Or rather: Never Do That Again.

I’m going/willing to be the “Debbie Downer”, but the forums are definitely not “half the community”, if going by the voting results. More like 1/7 for one of the votes (Week 3) and barely a blip for Week 2 (I don’t know the total votes for Week 1 and 4).

Week 1: 222 forum clicks on the voting link (I’m going to assume all clicks are votes for argument’s sake) -> Total votes ?
Week 2: 167 forum clicks on voting link -> Total votes 4680 (3%)
Week 3: 119 forum clicks on voting link -> Total votes 702 (16%)
Week 4: 174 forum clicks on voting link -> Total votes ?

Frankly, judging by Weeks 2 and 3, the greater community seems to be on social media and that’s where the bigger bang for the buck is.

I’m not saying that the forums should be ignored, but don’t fall into the misconception that the “forums know all” and should be the dominant platform.


It’s not correct data. For example, all forum thread from devs automatically appears on our guild’s Discord via Tarans bot. I read most forum posts, but I check Discord before the forum and I used the link in Discord post for the first weeks of Design-a-Twitter-Weapon. No need from me to click on the forum link (and increase that click counter) after I already did it in Discord. I hardly believe that I’m the only one who did that way.

And, 119 of 702 - it’s 16.95%, not 0.16%.

LOL. Duh for the math… corrected it.

That actually more proves the point, if I understand what you’re saying. If other guild discord servers use Taran’s bot and those members click on the link without clicking here (and I know for my guild there are people who are on discord and not on the forums), then they fall into the “not on the forums” group but their vote is counted in the total tally.

The main thrust/point of the above posters seems to be that the forums should come first and that it comprises “half” (sorry Maxx, that was the only definitely quantative-type post) or at least a good number of the community (reading between the lines of the other posters). The voting data says otherwise.