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What's your favourite hero weapon?

For me, it’s Trickster’s Shot!
It’s such a fun weapon to use and fits perfectly into my Giant team, which I’m over the moon to be able to use this week. Giants and Stormheim troops with +20% stats for a week? :grin: Fire Giant wishes to have a word with you :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s not a weapon that sees much use but I like it. Enchant on cast is really neat too!

So anyways, what are some of your favourite weapons? Why?

[Also, Dragon’s Eye is so gooooood! crosses fingers that it doesn’t get nerfed]


Really liking the Jar of Eyes.


I haven’t used it yet. I can’t quite remember if I had enough gems to get the tier for it.

What’re you running it with?

Trying out with a lot of teams at the moment. It’s fun with skadi and Anu x2

That sounds like it could be fun!

I still don’t have Skadi yet. But my Mythic luck seems to be improving. Managed to pull Suna finally today! :slight_smile:


Sorry I meant Azura. The weapon has Create ice storm.

Dawnbringer, Jar of Eyes, Mountain Crusher, Earth’s Fury, Yasmine’s Pride.

Who the heck is Yasmine, anyway?


DB will be fun once I finally get it! I was halfway there but then went a bit nuts and mass levelled lots of troops :man_facepalming:
Missed out on Earth’s Fury unfortunately; I REALLY hope that they bring it back somehow for us to craft!

There was a brief introduction of her when yasmine’s chosen was released.



Slightly off topic, but do you think that we’ll see the actual Gods themselves in the game at some point? I mean, we have their champions (or at least some of them). Sooo, y’know?

mountain crusher with titan hero class. starts the match with dust storm, barriers on brown matches, renews dust storm on every cast. works well on all game modes.

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Spark Rocket hands down regarding fun actually using it. When everyone was crying about Dawnbringer in Arena, your hero could solo 8-x every run with it when you took your time picking the right spots.
For anything outside Arena it is sadly way too low impact, a common theme for weapons and troops now, the more powerful they are the more braindead they tend to be.


Dawnbringer is the best Weapon.
But Hope’s Crescent is definitely my favorite since it helps new players as much as it helps old players.

I wonder how this weapon performs now post-nerf. I imagine it is much less effective?

Dawnbringer is the best by far. DeathKnell is my current favourite…

I like Mountain Crusher, Jars Eye and Bronzelock Pistol for the mana generation.

I like Dawnbringer for overall utility.

For dealing with monster stats, I like Hope’s Crescent, Trickster’s Shot and Mang.


I like Anu’s Scepter because it’s the oldest unfixed-with-no-explanation bug I know in the game.

I use Morthani’s Scythe the most. I haven’t used or explored many other weapons since I got it.

If we’re not talking how useful a weapon is, and just what I like, then Creeping Death. Before they re-nerfed the Death Mark, that was my go to team type. For some reason, I had great luck with killing troops via Death Mark. Don’t know why. Guess it just liked me. Lol.


Thank you! I had totally forgotten about that.