Design-a-Troop VOTING TIME (Spell and Colour!)

What I don’t understand is why everyone is focusing on Shocktopus whereas the name will be chosen next week…

The theme chosen is here. According to the description, there is no electric power involved, and the theme could be resumed to: an anti-Kraken troop. None of the 8 options are good counters to Kraken (he’s immuned to Stun…)…

If only organisers remind the different results…

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I’m confused why isn’t @turintuor suggestion in the poll when it had more likes than some of the suggestions that were added to the poll?

My best guess is because I’m living in Japan so on, devs consider that I’m not eligible… Not sure what resident means as I’m also a french resident…
But if it’s case, better than saying nothing, devs could say which participants are eliminate because of these rules: I would have given my suggestions to a guildmate, so he could have participate…

Or they didn’t like my suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: .

I assume you mean @turintuor’s suggestion for an inverted Kraken, rather than his joke / troll suggestions further down. Devs pick the ideas that they like - the ‘likes’ received in the thread might correlate with that, but aren’t a guarantee factor. In this case I guess the devs felt it was too similar to existing troops, and possibly doing too much for an epic troop’s spell.

Maybe I get punished: “no joke allowed”.

In this case, they miss the copy-paste of Khorvash’s spell :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’m glad that your suggestion is in good conditions to win: at least, we will have something usable :wink: .

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You never know what troops they already have in the pipeline. We also don’t know, exactly, what they consider acceptable for the Epic power level.

The one I liked most of yours was probably what they consider a legendary power level, so they probably excluded that one right off. I also really like @Rickygervais, but I wanted to see a row and column destruction too, for all 8 arms hitting the board. I like @Jainus troop as well, but dislike the green as the color seems out of place for Mech design, while giving Mechs a much needed boost, I think.

Of course I also believe the first community designed troop should be above average power level for the rarity.


I vote for @Venar I can see myself using this troop.

…you know that Venar troop can actually fill itself full when it drains high-mana troop like the mythics. Would have been such a fantastic troop to use in the Guild Wars too, no doubt.

Ack, err, wow, euh, sorry, but I can’t win a prize because of location. I don’t mind participating for fun, so err, either keep my suggestion there and I officially decline any prize, or remove it, or someone else suggest my exact idea?

(Sorry, should have said in my post that I can’t really win)


I think they should just take the best idea then reward the next best idea that’s eligible. Seems like a win-win to me.

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This location rules are just stupid for that contest. You don’t win $ or a xbox, you win ingame content.

Laws are laws. If you’re out, then take it up with your legal system.

I’m sure the team would rather it involve everyone if they could.

Federal Regulation

Criminal Code
In its simplest form, gambling involves a prize, a chance and a consideration (money or other economic value) exchanged. Business promotions that are a combination of these three elements constitute a form of gambling. Most businesses circumvent the gambling characterization by removing or changing one of these three elements. For example, the business charges nothing (no consideration) for its customers to win a prize. Perhaps skill (as in answering a question) replaces random chance. These contests, prizes and games are technically not gambles. They are legal and unregulated.

Just gotta remind myself I’m not 8th out of 8, I’m 8th out of lots lol.


Octo-Shock is bloody creative. Color-based targeting has potential, and this is a good way to implement it. Very glad to see it ahead in the poll for now.

Still not clear on how we’ve got a merfolk - maybe it’ll be an octopus-person with a cyborg electro-pulse generator designed by Tesla.


I agree but might need to raise mana cost, if it destroy his color it could loop over and over and also got true damage to everyone. Look OP for epic troop

Edit: nevermind i missed the part it only true damage the selected color

That went to the way side when the majority of the troops that was in round 2 were not even merfolk. I still don’t get why - I still don’t see the humanoid out of this…but whatever.

It should be a two weeks contest:
Week 1: Kingdom/Type/Theme (Visual is more or less alreday include in the theme…)/Name
Week 2: Spell/Color/Traits

Or the devs choose the kingdom so:
Week 1: Type/Theme/Name
Week 2: Spell/Color/Traits

There is no meaning to give a kingdom/type without giving a theme…

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I only picked two options and managed to get the ones currently in first and last. Not sure what to make of that…

I’ll end up using this troop regardless of whichever ability wins. I like them all. The fact that it’s a community-made troop is just icing on the cake, for me. Plus the creator-community interaction/cooperation.

i think its fine if you win → your suggestion will be implemented → second place will get the rewards?