Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Stupid long 3 room fight, but Mirrored Halls (with potions) using Dwarven Gates. I sped up the video, but still is 45 minutes. Basically make two Gates and kill slowly. Obviously depends on the 2nd room. Seen a few post with other rooms, figured I would show how I got it done with Dwarf 2nd room. Never going back…

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Silver Necropolis Delve complete without potions, faction pet at level 10, Silverglade at 12, hoard at 155. I got lucky in that the only time the enemy unicorn spawned Yellow it didn’t make a match, and the only time mine did it set up several 4 matches for me. My two Vanya’s finished match with 6 and 7 hp respectively. Enemy Vanya finished 14/15 mana filled whilst I cast the final 5 times necessary to wipe the enemy team.

Thanks to all who posted delve tips for that faction. :blush:


Cutting it a little close huh lol.

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I was definitely more lucky than good. In the middle room, Viper’s Nest, Viper died to death mark the 1st turn she could. Venoxia killed my Bone Golem with skull dmg, so I took a unicorn into 3rd battle to start.

My Guild only finished 2 tasks to that point of the week, so bonus was +4/+4 health and shield. Enough to finish the match tho. If the new epic tasks were in effect, maybe I don’t survive.

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@ChunkyMono congratz I was just coming here to post the same thing. I finished Silver Necropolis a few weeks ago, but I had to take two breaks in my play so I had to edit my video.

Also @TheIdleOne I did not see your post until after I came to the same conclusion as you did, your Vanya has to survive two hits from his Vanaya and like ChunkyMono it was CLOSE for me too.

I hope this helps others, my video is final room only. First room is pretty easy, 2nd room is death mark, death mark, death mark!

Good luck all.


Nice. What was your hoard level @OnTheCan?

Pure Faction 500 Sea of Sorrow can be brute forced without potions. I don’t recommend it.

I used one of each: Hammerclaw, Sea Witch, The Deep King, Mershark. Sea of Sorrow Banner.
Probably did 60 attempts with 300+ hoard and 14 Merlantis deeds before the win. A lot can go wrong in the 3rd room. I think I made it to the Boss room with a full team maybe 15 times before this win.
Sea Witch on Hammerclaw + skulls does most of the work. Occasionally Deep King and Mershark get to cast but not that often.


Nice - and terrible
I am on this treadmill myself right now and was hoping that I could get away with Hoard about say 250 + L14 Kingdom Bonus (+50%)

So if you dont mind, a few questions
What medals you used?

Also a bit more about why Mershark?
I am aware you get some team bonus for 4 unique troops which is now availble for three different bonues(Merfolk Captain, Kingdom Team bonus IV and Duke of the seas) AND it uses red, which could be important as it give 4 colors rather than 3
But having it in last spot offsets its enrage trait and its splash damage is not as high as The Deep King - so I guess its a trade off
However if the team doesnt cast the bottom two troops often then I guess it might be well worth it since the 4 troop vs 3 troop bonus is a step up
BUT when I use that team configuration I get a slightly lower bonus from 4 unique team bonuses
I am not sure why mine are a point lower on things like attack, armour and life
I get the same for Merfolk General, but King of the Seas is +5/+0/+8/+8 and Kingdom Team IV is +2/+0/+18/+8
I have kingdom at L14 (but maybe its from the pet as my Pure Faction is only L200)

Reallly interested in the team composition since that can really make or break a pure faction run
Did you upgrade your hoard over time and do daily x3 shots along the way, or upgrade first?

Any help or advice is greatly appricated

based on the screenshots provided

He did use the faction banner
He has Hammershark and Mershark upgraded. He does not have The Deep King upgraded. Sea Witch is already dead, but as a Generator role, It would gain 10 life and 14 armor for being upgraded (no magic), which would help keep it alive against true damage.

Thanks - Totally missed that!
I’ll edit my post to remove those questions - thanks again

Just makes it even worse though for following on the same path…

I equipped 20% mana medal, +4 magic, and +8 life. My Hammerclaw and Mershark had max medals as shown, and my Sea Witch had 1 medal. I would have thrown more medals at Sea Witch and Deep King if I had them because why not.
Mershark is the only thing you can aim. It was useful for finishing things off or if I didn’t want to change the board for a turn. I did cast it, but probably cast Sea Witch 5 or more times for every time I got around to using Mershark. Also it does a bit more damage if others are submerged which comes and goes over and over, sometimes I would wait, sometimes not.
I did a number of runs at 250ish but it got much more reliable to get through 3rd room alive at 300+ and the Boss room Deep King just tears you apart so fast at lower stats that you can’t survive.
Discrepancy between pet bonus I am guessing means you don’t have Squidlet maxed. Mine was (but my guppy was not).


Hoard is level 151 for Silver Necropolis, so very doable and not over the top. Make sure in your last room you can survive 2 shots from the AOE and you should be ok.


Good advice, and remember to factor in the +12 or so dmg from Blessed enemies. AI always seemed to have all four troops blessed when Vanya is ready to cast. I failed to take that into account in previous attempts.

Mirrored Halls done Faction 500, no potions, 10% bonus to Fey as well (both teams but of course they get more!) 23/25 attack for example vs 6/7


Glass Golem
Mirror Queen

Banner - Unicorn

Room 1 19 minutes

Got out of room 1 with a full team intact, but summoned a Mirror Queen up top. It appears better to have the Mirror Queen summoned by you rather than start with it.

Basically I cast copycat on Mirror Queen constantly when lost glass golem.

Middle Room - 35 minutes, Iron Gate.

Started with 2 TMQ’s and basically perfect to hit on Lady Ironbeard to stop it 1 shotting. I managed to extend the game enough to transform a Dwarven Gate. I summoned another Mirror Queen to slot 1, then a Lady Ironbeard before they killed copycat. At that point I thought it was all over…

Summoned a Lady I with TMQ → 186 damage now → but it died soon to skulls, but helped me lower that armour. 1 Dwarven Gate summoned, used that to barrier TMQ. Kept matching purple, summoned a 2nd gate, now was interesting. One died to Lord Ironbeard, but eventually got 3 by constantly filling and casting TMQ on it. Easy thereafter. Very glad at this point I had the Unicorn banner for purple and yellow for TMQ.

Final room
3x Dwarven Gates
The Mirror Queen

I wasn’t sure how to do this initially. Basically so long as you can survive their Mirror Queen, and kill it, that’s the starter. Then you must ignore Glass Golem, kill the main Copycat, ignore summons. Once the D Gate loop starts with the mana, then you are always covered against reflect from hitting anything, so after I killed their Mirror Queen mine never took another hit.

It is extruciatingly time consuming and Glass Golem heals for 148 armour almost every 2nd turn, so when you come to getting at it, it has 1000 armour. They transformed a gate of mine, adding to the problem.

Eventually though 82 damage a go from Mirror Queen, 90 with 4 reflects and letting them take skulls on the top gate and you can whittle them all down.

L12 kingdom, Kingdom Tier 3 and 25% hoard bonus with a hoard of 133.


For medals, 1 x Nysha and 2 x Yasmine.

Attempts 11 I think, 1 today raising hoard from 122, 6 at Hoard 100-111, 3 at Hoard 115 and 1 yesterday at hoard 122.

Reached boss room most tries, but without a chance really.


Anybody try the Warrens 500 faction team without potions recently? Trying to plan my hoard expenditures. It looks like another 2-300 hoard level faction, but I thought I’d check before budgeting accordingly. Thanks.

No, but I failed twice at 200 with potions, and that was enough for me to call it quits. Luna gave entire team Barrier and Reflect, so my first Luna cast didn’t even remove Reflect (no dmg done). 2nd cast pretty much killed her. And then they all got submerged and enchanted. When it is the last delve to do, I may try again.

Good luck to you

Anyone have advice for all seeing eye no potion fraction team? I keep getting to the final room and getting taken out pretty easily. Let me know thoughts on team and final room. Thanks

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I just did it a couple days ago around hoard level 240. You basically need to buff your leech several times and DPS down their leech. If you manage to kill their front troop, the resummons aren’t very dangerous and will feed you more attack.

I mainly used Xerodar to reduce the amount of skulls on the board whenever possible. A board with several skulls and yellow gems can randomly kill your leech and reset the buffing progress.

The biggest issue is that ocularen’s cast hits your watch mother, so you’re eventually not able to resummon.

You basically just have to get lucky and keep board control.

I did ASE with 2 Watch Mothers. That really helped me deal with Ancient Golem and it’s habit of always killing 1 Watchmother. It started and ended similar to this;

This one I actually lost in the end I think as I videod the winning run.

No potions.