Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

For non Faction mirrord halls:

Mountain crusher
2* Gob truffles
Maugrim woods

seems were fast and strong until 200 no troop lost now

Beat Mirrored Halls at Delve 200 with no potions on my first try. Unfortunately, there’s no helpful news.

(My hoard is at 199 and I gold medaled all 4 troops, but I’m only using 2 cedrics + 1 anu… not that I really needed cedrics)

I used:

Glass Golem
The Mirror Queen
Warren Banner (+2Gr, +1 Y, -Bl) …

Copycat gives +1 Y, making for a good +2/+2 experience, and Glass Golem isn’t that relevant in the long run.

Is it the ideal team? I honestly don’t know. Couldn’t tell. What I can mention is that you get a big bonus from using 4 different troops in Glacial Peaks (and even more if you put deeds into the kingdom, I haven’t).

6 Armor, 1 Magic: 4 unique Mirrored Halls troops, no pet yet
6 Armor, 6 Magic: Itty Bitty Yeti max
3 Atk, 3 Life, 9 armor: Kingdom Bonus 2… with Itty Bitty Yeti max
6 Atk, 6 Magic: Feyrie max

9 ATK, 13 Magic, 21 Armor, 3 Life from 4 unique troops. You’ll notice some of the stat loss when you finally copy a troop with Doppleganger.

Observations: The only insight I can provide.

My Glass Golem died in the 2nd room, mainly because Shadow-Hunter hit it.

Copycat targetting itself with its spell to summon another Copycat is quite strong.

I had the pleasure? of copying Azura. It was pretty funny shrinking everyone’s magic to 0, though it was ineffective at reducing attack power. Having both Copycats above made it pretty easy to explode Azura often, winning the silly war of attrition as their summons were low level/low value. Azura had the additional benefit of dispel, making the reflect gimmick on the enemy team pointless. On my 100 run, I copied Fenrir. It did its job nicely too, though I don’t know if its an ideal troop for 500.

Since none of the original troops are that effective, the first room is a bit of a slog to get through.

You’ll have to wing your own strategy with whatever you decide to Doppleganger.

Glass Golem was kinda negligible. A quick way to get reflect up, but not much more.
The Mirror Queen does okay single target damage, but for 15 mana, it feels like a waste of time. Still you need something for the first room, I think.

If you do decide to use Glass Golem, I typically left it full unless I needed it, so I could flood the board with Copycat gem creation spam…


I managed to clear 200 without potions on the first try too (hoard level was 100). Took forever though because I didn’t get a good troop in the middle room for Doppleganger to copy. The last battle ended up being a copy and reflect war slog. It was ridiculous. I’m kinda dreading the 500 fight.

If you do end up with only faction troops at the final battle, I think the key is to make sure you have at least a Copycat and a Mirror Queen alive at all times. Use their copy abilities to reform your team (preferably 2 Copycat/2 Mirror Queen).

Try to destroy the highest level opposing Copycat and Mirror Queen first. The level of the troops they summon are based on their magic stat. If you kill the stronger versions first, the battle becomes easier and easier because their summons become weaker and weaker. For example, at the tail end of my 200 faction fight, the opposing team consisted of four lvl 1 Copycats.


I just cleared 500 with the faction team first try; 10 power potions. I used TheIdleOne’s team.

I brought a Venbarak into the 3rd fight that was doing 120 AOE damage. It immediately got copied and almost got me killed. Once it was back to just faction troops the battle was much easier. Since enemy resummons are based on magic stat, while yours are full strength, the battle gets easier and safer as it goes on. Just focus on their highest level troops and let the summons live to waste their mana collection/turns.

Probably took about half an hour for the whole run; not too bad.

I think the takeaway is that it might be better to copy a good support troop in the middle battle and not a good damage dealer. The best thing might be a stealthed troop, if you can manage it.


Cleared 300 without potions first try

At this point, people are starting to figure out how to do this faction, so that’s good.

More observation notes:

Had the Icy Covern middle room. Even with 57? magic, Glass Golem just couldn’t hold up to being hit and skulled. (no 25% skull reduc potion, so GG is technically a wimp). I forget its exact magic number, I used up my tries for today.

Lost The Mirror Queen to Ice Witch in the final moments of the match. Was bummed as it was noticeable when I no longer had any source of reflect when I really wish I did. Copycatted a second Doppleganger.

3rd room was Chessboard Puzzle. I copied Queen Ysabelle

Fenrir, Azura, Queen Ysabelle… I have a bad habit of copying blue troops with my negative banner haha.

I opted to use my 2nd Doppleganger to copy a 2nd Queen Ysabelle (only other thing I thought about was copying a Mirror Queen in the final room)

Double Copycat holds true and 2x QY spam was faster than enemy Highforge taking out my bottom. The lack of actual targeting was scary.

Boss room: The lack of actual targeting was very scary, as the AI kept copying my Queen Ysabelle. It was a race to refill top slots as my QY kept killing their stuff only for them to replace it, then my top slot getting destroyed by AI QYs.

QY triggers reflect and not the troop you’re buffing, for better or worse. It was a long battle, so having 2 QYs gain 4 armor a turn was very nice.

Double QY is almost ideal except any enemy QY buffs become an issue late into the match, talking a few hundred attack to troops lower down the line.

Copycat resummoning a Copycat is too strong, even though once it took 4 casts.

Strange tug of war


I just finished pure faction 500 with
Mirror Queen
Poition of Power x12
Middle Room was the Naga-Room with Lamia. I copied on the Top Fangblade and bottom Naga-Queen. In the Boss-room i was lucky and Doppelganger was replaced by Valraven.
5 times the Valraven was full and didnt ran away. Unbelievable. :see_no_evil:
This was my final hit.

Without the Naga-Queen im sure i failed.


Why do you guys spend so many resources to go to 500 on a Friday?
Wouldn’t it be more efficient to spend some gems and wait for Sunday to do the rest? Given that you get 3 sigils (and a raven) each day?


I used Talon Banner, more troops with Yellow. Delve 240 without potions, Hoard 100, Glacial Peaks at 13 (I put some Blue Deeds into Merlantis/12).

2nd Room had baby dragons/Venbarek. I figured I didn’t want to copy Ven, thanks to @covertmuffin123. 1st Baby turned into Dragon Turtle while I killed Ven, 2nd turned into Dragonian Rogue after I killed Turtle. (stealthy so I couldn’t copy). Skulls eventually killed golem, Copycat failed to copy herself, she died. Dopple copies Egg…

Asha in 2nd Position saves the day. :blush::+1:

Interesting faction, but I love me some dragons. Maybe I’m dragonborn, and just don’t know it yet.

Bone Dragon, Shimmerscale, Baby Dragon, your lives were not lost in vain. 300 should be fun.

Edit: Mirror Queen survived Dragons with 20 life. Final room Dopple copied Shimmerscale…

AI tends to focus Hero in non-faction teams it seems, wasting chances to copy.

I did 200 without potions, copied Rock Worm as I was in a hell loop with it. Could just chain cast on their Mirror Queen tbh, had 3 copies in the end and just chipped through. Copycat on monocolours guarantees the colour you pick, so that actually works, albeit 41 damage a go.

Just finished level 500, with 5 Tier7’s purchased.
Finally figured out how to record gameplay from my iPhone, so this is my first GOW video on YouTube.
I decided to take advantage, and get some XP for Mechanist Class.

Shield of Urskaya / 2x Tesla / Holy St. Astra!

I was able to fight every battle through 500, with the exception of 2 Faction Team runs (at 100 & 200)

Now I’m going to go back and attempt a Faction 500 Run.

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Pure Faction level 500, with 4 Tier7’s.


U guys can also use Tesla Model 3 :grin::medal_sports: it’s the best

I didn’t record the Faction 500 attempt at Mirrored Halls. Got it on the 1st attempt.
5 tier7’s Purchased.

Mirror Banner
Glass Golem
The Mirror Queen

1st battle, I retained all Faction Troops.
2nd battle, was vs Dire Wolf / Cu Sith / Warg / Fenrir. Used Glass Golem on a 4 skull bunch to put Reflect on my team. Used Doppleganger on Fenrir. My first troop was killed, and used Copycat to create another Fenrir in first slot. Then just used both Fenrir’s to buff the 1st one.
3rd battle, Continued buffing Fenrir, had over 1,000 attack, and was able to pick them all off eventually.


Beat Mirrored Halls 500 with the faction team first try with no potions. Hoard 199, No Kingdom Deed bonus, Max Itty Bitty Yeti, Feyrie, and Legendary Mirror Mimic, All 4 troops Gold Medal bonus.

That was interesting.

Survived the first room, though they tried really hard to kill my Glass Golem.

Second room, had the fortune of getting Wild Pack’s Den. I copied Fenrir again (welcome back, friend from delve 100). Turns out yeah, Fenrir is actually nice on 500 too. Less about outpacing your opponent and more about keeping your troop out of death range while reflecting things back at the opponents.

Glass Golem died in the second room. Hard to keep it alive when their Dire Wolf is guaranteed to hit Glass Golem. I had the choice to copycat Fenrir or another Copycat. I went with the tried and true Copycat incase they were able to snipe my first Copycat. The enemy Fenrir kept buffing the Warg’s attack and HP making it hard to kill, but something tells me using 1000 attack on reflect wasn’t a great idea on the AI’s part. My Copycat wall boxed the AI out pretty well and Fenrir kept itself and Mirror Queen out of one hit range. Things got iffy at the end when there 900+ atk Fenrir managed to kill both Copycats, leaving only Fenrir and The Mirror Queen, but I got my last hit in before it could do anything. One skull on the table and it didn’t seem like a good idea to leave that enemy Fenrir alive with a weakened team.

Third room: very tricky fight. I take the enchant and starting explosions with potions for granted as without potions, I had to fill my The Mirror Queen manually while my top troop is Fenrir. Scary prospect. Thankfully I did, and I cast on their Copycat and respawned one, which I used to respawn a second one. Since Copycat fails at 10 gem cast a lot, the enemy had a lot of reflect up. I had to spend the entire match counterbalancing my life with Fenrir so their TMQ doesn’t one shot a troop (have to keep my eye on Boost ratio too) while not getting overflowed at top. Having nothing to pop their Glass Golem’s reflect got annoying fast.

I got lucky that their Doppleganger copied a Copycat (that I copied from them), so no Fenrir shenanigans to deal with.

fast forward a bajillion minutes.

I finally weakened their TMQ to the near death, having to Fenrir recover often when TMQ was near OHK range from their TMQ. Their Mirror Queen attacked my Mirror Queen and died to reflect, but still got to summon my Mirror Queen on its side after, with less stats. That second TMQ extended the match by a good bit.

fast forward more

Once both TMQs were dead, things got a lot easier. Their Glass Golem can still cast reflect, making it troublesome to either take the hit with my TMQ or buffed up top slot. At one point I lost that buffed up top slot that had mid 200 attack.

Once their GG died, I had it in the bag, but as everyone knows, its not as easy as it sounds. I had to clear out both of their 259 attack Copycats while dealing with a bunch of respawned wimpy Copycats. Took forever as having only skulls and TMQ to stop 4 Copycats from respawning something is a bit of a nuisance. One of the 259 attack Copycats took out my Copycat with 476 attack. lol (seen in the video)

last 5 minutes was just killing Copycats over and over. (probably at least 10+ minutes, didnt check). Vid doesn’t prove strategy, just proof that it happened (there’s no faction score for the faction event since it was done with daily delve tries) …

Used the same team I used in Delve 100

Glass Golem
Copycat (has Air Link)
The Mirror Queen
Warren Banner (+2Gr, +1 Y, -Bl)

Copycat gives +1 Y, making for a good +2Y/+2Gr experience, and Glass Golem isn’t that relevant in the long run. Glad I had the +2GR as I needed plenty of Green for Fenrir.

Forgot to mention I used 2 Cedric medals and 1 Anu medal. Forgot to swap the Cedrics out. shrug


Four copycats and a lot of patience got me there too (at hoard 100, but with potions), I entered the last room with just copycat and mirror queen, had an epically long fight since I lost my mirror queen pretty early on… :sweat_smile:


My team for Delve, devour based team, quick and easy.

For the Level 500 I used double Dwarf Gate 2X / copy cat / Mirrored Queen to barrier and give mana and then slow chip away at the other side. Took a long time but got there. Like everyone states, it all depends on the middle room. Good luck!


Need some information here from someone that managed Dark Pits all faction team at level 500 (outside a faction event) :

  • What was your hoard level at?
  • What team did you go for?

Thank you!

@Eika this is the only report in the forums I’m aware of… I think @awryan has been trying too, good luck!

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Thanks for sharing! Holy smokes… He managed it with hoard level 250. That’s a lot of treasures putted into one faction. :sob:

Finally tackled Hall of Guardians 500 Faction today. I really need to start recording these attempts, just in case.
Whitehelm has been leveled up to 14 with Yellow Deeds.
Gargoyle also has all 3 medals.