Which kingdom is the best to use my 30 Deeds of Air?

Which kingdom is the best to use my 30 Deeds of Air?

Yellow deeds + faction:
Whitehelm / Hall of Guardians, Pan’s Vale / The Warrens, Divinion Fields / Wild Court

Yellow deeds + faction + gives attack at level 15:
Suncrest / Stonesong Eyrie

Depends on whether you intend to tackle any of the faction-vs-faction clears, in which case level that one first. Otherwise I’d say Suncrest, holding off on doing that myself though since I’m not 100% sure. No known forthcoming factions are in kingdoms using yellow deeds.

I have a handy reference for just this sort of question:


I had been using mine on Whitehelm. I’m glad I did, because I took advantage of the bonus stats and was able to complete the Faction 500 run with the additional stats.


Congrats! What is your Hoardlevel and what team did you go with?

Very handy spreadsheet, thanks.

Thanks. Did you try at all with a lower hoard level, or were you just trying to spare yourself some frustration?

I tried a few times with hoard at 100. But this was back when Factions first started. I struggled mightily, and didn’t try again until recently. I had heard that it could be done with hoard around 200, so I thought I’d give it a go. But I had already started using yellow deeds on Whitehelm. So I knew that would add some additional stats. I still wasn’t expecting it to work, but on the 3rd attempt, everything fell into place.

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I have tried a handful of times with Hoardlevel 150 without the Kingdom Bonus. Not a chance, so I doubt the 150 + Kingdom Bonus for level 14 would be much better. Got the feeling that Hoard Level 200 + Kingdom Bonus level 14 is needed. At least Kingdom Bonus with Hoard Level 180 or so. If this is to any help.

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