Delves and deed colours (brief)

The Warrens - Pan’s vale - yellow deed

Amanithrax - Zaejin - green deed

Primal Rift - Forest of Thorns - green deed

All seeing Eye - Darkstone - purple deed

Crypt Keepers - Sword’s Edge - blue deed

Fang Moor - Khetar - purple deed

Hall of Guardians - Whitehelm - yellow deed

Sea of Sorrow - Merlantis - blue deed

Dark Pits - Mist of Scales - red deed

Sunken Fleet - Bright Forest - green deed

Stonesong Eyrie - Suncrest - yellow deed

City of Thieves - Leonis Empire - blue deed

Silver Necropolis - Silverglade - purple deed

Feel free to use it and make it look better :slight_smile:


I looked for something like this maybe 30mins prior to you posting it and came up with my own stuff…

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Thanks @Vinya!