Cannot find delve list by color of deed needed to power up

I could swear that someone created a table showing all the delves and what color deed they use to level up but I searched the forums and cannot find it. Any of you awesome people care to share the link with me so I know where to use the Fire deeds we reaped today?

Dark pits is red if i’m not wrong.

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Thank you @Fleg, that was exactly what I was looking for.

@Starlite also has a full blown breakdown you can find here:

Strongly recommend everyone has it bookmarked for easy reference!


Thank you @Keylime, I never saw that one before, that is a really good page.

Thanks, @Keylime.

The printable version of my tables probably has a better layout for figuring out Deeds (though I guess neither is sortable). To find it, go back a page by clicking the dark blue “< Gems of War” link at top-right.

I need some help figuring out a restructure of the website so I can put up more tables.