Best way to spend Deeds

First of all: Ths thread is NOT intended to discuss Deeds as another currency in the game and if you like them or not. It’s to clarify how to best spend them.
So I have a bunch of questions and am interested what you think about it:

Do you save them at this moment or do you spend them?
Which way do you spend them (spreading all over the Kingdoms, focus on one Kingdom)?
On which Kingdoms do you spend them?
Which are your preferred Kingdoms per Color?

Focus on magic or kingdom with a delve
So for me :

  • Blue : Leonis for City of thieves
  • Red : Mist of Scales for Dark Pits
  • Yellow : Whitehelm for Hall of guardians
  • Purple : any kingdom with magic + a delve. So Darkstone because the cap of max level is higher
  • Green : Zaejin for Amanithrax / but could be Zhul’Kari for magic
  • Brown : nothing yet, no good kingdom, waiting future delves

I save mine until I have 30. Then I pick a kingdom and spend them to get it to lvl 15.

I go for the best stat bonus. In order of (my) preference: magic, attack, life, armor.
If there’s multiple kingdoms available with the same stat bonus, I would check if any of them have a faction coming out soon and spend it on that one (I make most progress in delves on release weekend).

  1. I spend to 13 if I know I want to upgrade the kingdom until I know I have a surplus of Imperial Deeds to afford 14/15. If I’m uncertain, I hold them.

  2. I spend it on one kingdom at a time since Level 15 is my goal.

  3. Magic then Attack then anything, though I may spend for faction stats first if the faction looks to be like a horrible experience.

Karakoth/Blighted Lands for Purple for the Magic bonus. (All Seeing Eye/Silver Necropolis don’t need the faction help),

Suncrest for Yellow for the attack bonus. There’s likely enough time to get enough deeds to level up Shentang/Adana when they show up as factions.

Pridelands/Wild Plains/Sins of Maraj for Red. None of them have factions yet, so there’s no “smart” choice. You can put it on Mist of Scales/Dark Pits, though I just did it with Potions.

Stormheim for Blue since its the only Blue faction unreleased (its the next faction). Merlantis is probably the best choice otherwise, followed by Leonis Empire.

Blackhawk/Dhrak-zhum for Brown for the Attack bonus. None of the Brown factions have been released, though Urskaya is the first Brown faction, after Stormheim’s faction. I’m holding deeds for the time being to see if its better to place it on Urskaya instead of my original two suggestions.

Zhul’Kari for Green for the Magic bonus. Maugrim Woods is probably the next best choice as its the only other unreleased faction (besides ZK). Sunken Fleet is the best choice after that if you haven’t done the faction yet, otherwise Forest of Thorns is the better choice for the attack bonus, though Primal Rift is pretty easy faction wise.


Fang Moor is Khetar. Dark Pits is Mist of Scales. Both are annoying, best done with potions. Use Deeds where Idle recommends.

Unless you like running Orc and Goblin teams. Then Grosh-nak and Zaejin, and leave the other kingdoms to rot. For the Horde…

Edit: I’d do Life over Attack. Only the lead troop does skulls, while all benefit from health. A troop with 1 life still does (x minus 1) skull dmg. A dead troop does none.

my bad, you’re right. Mist of Scales/Dark Pits. I was tired when I wrote it.

Life is pretty easily fixed with Medal of Yasmines, I’m not in a huge hurry to bump up life. Personal preference though.


Their troop with 1 life left because you chose life still does full damage when it would have been dead.

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While that is true, Life still helps all 4 of my troops, while attack only affects the troops currently in 1st position on both teams. I still rate armor last, as there are plenty of troops that do true damage.

And while I would agree that Magic should be upgraded first, there are troops that do not benefit from +1 Magic. Perhaps if we as a community could agree that Life should be upgraded first, Purple Deeds would become more common. :grinning:

Unless all 4 of your troops survive with only 1 life remaining none of them benefited from the extra life.

A. You are wrong: Egg Thief charges my Skeleton Key but does not grant a free turn, and your Tina kills my Egg thief and Cedric, while reducing my Thief to 1 health. AI decides I don’t rate a bandit for either. Thief casts, and gets 1 kill, causing Rising Shadows to trigger +3 times. It happens. You lose.

B. You may not realize it: at 4x speed, it is difficult to determine when an incoming Ubastet attack would have failed to kill your 2 troops if the weakest had just had one more life. (and perhaps your team had 4 less attack to buff Ubastet) Rising Shadows triggers, you lose again.

C. You are not helping my argument: Shhh, I’m trying to get more Purple Deeds here…

Life > Magic > Attack > Armor

Final Edit: I think I’m going about this all wrong by using PvP examples, when just 11 days ago I beat the Silver Necropolis Delve while my 2 Vanyas had 6 and 7 health, respectively. The enemy all had 200 plus health, requiring 4 or 5 more casts.

My guild had only completed Green and Blue basic tasks. Had we done Purple and Red, my Vanyas would have died. Would the +3 attack have made a difference? No. Neither would have a +2 magic bonus. But by surviving to cast 5 more times, I saved myself a Tuesday’s worth of gems, and at only 155 Hoard level vs 200. (XBox screenshots available upon request, gt: Chunky mono)

If that isn’t enough to convince y’all Life is the priority, then I’ll stop trying to edumacate da masses. gl hf

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I agree with @TheIdleOne. I tend to stash deeds until I can invest in a Kingdom that will give me the 50% faction team boost, unless I’ve already maxed the faction. I am not really bothered about the stats for the kingdom. Medals will take care of that. But yes, boosting kingdoms with unreleased factions makes sense if renown is a priority.