Deed Guide + 4.5 Patch Overview Video

Shoutout to @Starlite whose table I used in the making of this video, extremely valuable resource you can find here:

Something I haven’t seen discussed was what the best way to use your deeds efficiently would be, so I figured I’d put it into video form (since that’s kinda my medium of choice).

The caveat I’ll make is that while the stat order of Magic > Attack > Life > Armor is probably not much up for debate, the idea of going for kingdom bonus vs. faction stats could very much be.

My personal take is that kingdom only teams are pretty much next to never optimal or used. Even with an enhanced stat bonus, there are only a handful of kingdoms that could potentially be worth considering. In my estimate, Wild Plains, Glacial Peaks and Stormheim are the most obvious kingdoms that you may want to level up specifically for the kingdom bonus (Shaman, Frost Mage and Titan respectively).

This video gives people a good baseline on where they should be investing their deeds so they aren’t just casually dropping them all over the place.

Let me know what you think or any other deed tips you may have!

Edit: And before anyone says it, someone already pointed out that I was incorrect in my assumption that the Kingdom Level resource requirements were stand-alone costs, and not a cumulative total being shown.

So much less gold / deed / imperials required than I state.


Thanks for the shout-out. :smile:

I’m recommending your strategy for Deeds to my Guild – excellent analysis.

As you note, there is another side to the Team Bonuses. In my own stable of current teams, I don’t seem to use more than two troops from the same kingdom (Adana, for some reason). But I think it’s important to keep an eye on the meta, to see if there are any kingdom-synergistic teams, since those are likely to be strengthened quite a bit as the system evolves. Until someone identifies a specific instance, I’ll be sticking to @Keylime’s strategy.

One other consideration: If you already have a Faction maxed, a higher stat boost is not going to help you. Same goes for new Factions being released, if you already go for max on release (the boost might speed things up slightly, I guess). However, if you don’t have the Gems or time to max Faction Reknown on release, it may be worth upgrading relevant Kingdoms in anticipation.

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