A Cheapskate's Guide to Kingdoms

Hi friends :slight_smile:

I put up this guide a few days ago relating to frugally upgrading Kingdom Level, Kingdom Power, Tribute Frequency/Size, Banners, etc.

It shows you how to take direct action for a very small amount of resources to get a lot of bang for the buck, so to speak!

I was pleasantly surprised to see it do so well so fast and got the most views/votes of any video I’ve done to date, leading me to think there’s some good nuggets in there.


I hope you appreciate constructive criticism :slight_smile:

It’s great you are willing to make videos to help the newbies. I rather prefer to lurk in the shadows myself. But my advice is solid!

The video was unfocused and contained too much rambling. Decide the points you wish to make, then write a rough script of those key points you wish to make. Improv is for comedy only. You spent 11 minutes on what could be summarized in a few sentences.

Unlocking new vs leveling and how high unlocked kingdoms for maximum loot that you collect every hour, the best method is not an opinion, it’s a mathematical formula.

The wisdom of leveling a kingdom to 10 for the skill bonus is questionable. Certainly magic before anything else as you suggested. Kingdoms to lv 9 is a viable strategy to maximize pvp gold.

1 star and 3 star kingdoms is key, but there is a method to maximize that based on unlocked troops. Levels 4,9,14 are key soul effeciency points. There is also an efficiency on traiting, but it all depends on troops unlocked for a kingdom.

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I do. Perhaps one day you’ll give it.

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edit: I guess I accidentally deleted my video showing how to do it, but all you need to do is add the following line to the block list of either your AdBlockPlus or uBlock Origin browser extension:


You’ll never see that UK troll ever again.

edit2: The hilarious thing is that I thought I was going to have to bait the user so that I would have an excuse to tell people about this. I couldn’t be happier that s/he cut out the middle-man and came right to me! Remember those “free boat” scams that police pull on moron criminals? Kind of feels like this. Oh wow, just got a PM from him/her. Now I might have ammunition to go to the admins depending on what was sent… fingers crossed people here I go!!!

edit2: I should have opened it before I shot my mouth off. S/he deleted it before I got to it.

edit3: Continued harassment via PM is the cause I needed, thanks! I’ve composed a report on this person’s behavior to Nimhain and Sirrian. I didn’t even need to do any work hahah!

edit4: Final edit. Remember my friends: “Free Boat”


Comedy gold Krudler. You couldn’t make this stuff up.


Watched a bit of your video and It sounded good to me as your intended audience was new players. It reminded me of a post I read a year ago from one of the Developers before you started playing.

So I looked it up if you were interested.

That’s why I said it’s “my opinion” and basically “do as you like”. But you’ll also notice that the advice being given by the former developer is how to optimize glory from tributes to the exclusion of the other goals discussed in the video.

Remember not to get tunnel vision in the game. When you over-optimize in one area to the detriment of others, your overall progress almost always universally suffers.

edit: I would like to say, as kindly as possible that you watch the video and absorb what is being said before further discussion. You’ve missed everything about getting your Magic Kingdoms up to propel Gold and Soul generation, which advances the overall progression of the Kingdoms faster than continuously and evenly distributing Gold across them to improve Glory from Tributes. These of course are my opinions, I hope you use them as food for thought, but I think disagreement can be very informative :slight_smile:


May I have the offensive insulting posts deleted from this thread please?

Sorry forgot to replay… The link is not a repudiation of you video, its just another perspective to think about when leveling, that’s all. Please don’t over interpret and read between the lines what I posted as saying either of you are Wong, for new players.

Ha! Good advice, but its already far to late for me to stop looking down the tunnel. :wink: When ever a new Kingdom releases don’t do a lick of planning, just buy it up to level 10 immediately and open chests until its 3 or 4 Gold Stars.

PS: I got to the Magic part.

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Well then yes, you’re way past anything the video could hope to tell you lol

Oh and I didn’t view the linked content as a rebuttal or underhanded remark or anything like that. But I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on it in my own thread/video.

I just think what the former developer is describing is technically accurate if you want to optimize for Glory from Tribute, but I want to underscore that I think it is actually wrongheaded advice for all players regardless of progress. I don’t think any player, new or old, should ever eschew well-rounded play to focus too heavily on any given area (here Glory but this applies in all areas IMO). I think I might not be making sense anymore or repeating myself but it’s past my bed time lol