Hoard Quality increased from 50% to 300%

It’s a tease only a tease that’s all nothing to talks about we not teens who gets exited about a tease :rofl:

I asked a beta tester. “Is there going to be any immediate changes to Delves coming with 4.6” and the reply was “no”.
I didn’t watch the stream, but I’ve lost 100% faith in the devs with anything delve related. I don’t mean it to be mean. But they truly don’t know what they are doing. They just don’t. Sorry, not sorry.


Not in the way that most players expect. But then again, we aren’t being asked to test delve content currently and we never see balance changes to things on beta.

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I didn’t watch the last stream so that excites me a little. Not a whole lot because the last change they gave us to make delves easier didn’t really help.

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There was nothing worth commenting about that.

i believe faction-troop only runs are possible at around hoard level 210
did dark pits at hoard 250 with the 50% bonus today, the easiest ones like primal rift or hall of guardians at 170 and 155 without kingdom bonus
still agree with this thread that its frustrating to try for two weeks or longer and it takes far too many resources for most players
an increase to 50 and 100% would get far more people interested


I would love to know what team you used.

plague rat, rattigar, hex rat and sledgepaw
tried with sledgepaw in front for some time, but key is cursed, double damage and death mark from hex and some lucky effects from rattigar so you need curse from skull damage
either direct way against glaycion team (kill him fast) or like today one more room on the top route


also got to last room two times on top route against level 3 bullette room
if you can somewhat control the team rotation so you get out with original setup you can spread skull damage equally over your team

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Yeah I’ve been struggling and using mainly 2 unique troop builds. But 4 unique troops does maximize the bonus. Still it’s not fun to invest that many resources and still have to sacrifice sheep to win.

This also annoys me – the fact that you can’t even have a go at it if you want to, once your three tries are up – you just have to wait.

Perhaps selecting the right-hand option, increasing the Delve level, could only cost half a Sigil (or give us 6 Sigils a day with the middle option requiring 2 and the right-hand option 1).

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Reading a bit between the lines it looks like there are plans to extend kingdom upgrade levels to 20, granting (among others) a 100% increase to hoard stats.

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Delves just aren’t that relevant, are they? Looking at my guild, a good half of it went “yeah, nah” about the whole experience. (Plus a handful of longtime members who just went “yeah, nah” about the entire game at that point).

I assume I’m in a similar position as others in the thread - hoards on at least 100 and faction teams on at least 200, so 28000+ total renown. Going to 32500 would give me 1500 extra gold/day, 5-6 more ingots/day and a stat point. Am… am I supposed to care? I know 2 pets at 20 will be a kingdom level bottleneck later down the road.

Devil’s advocate: keeping one faction specifically at 20 is better as it’s fast class leveling xp and at least 20000 gold/day from rewards.

If I were to play delves ‘by the rules’ the issues are:

  1. Some faction teams are plain not fun. I didn’t have it in me to try any further than 200 with the latest faction team, even all potioned up.
  2. Any sense of faction team progression is blocked by setting the fight to 500 (as it’s linked to non faction teams).
  3. The gold sink is ridiculous. Even if I could afford it I’d much rather spend it on legendary tasks for my guild.

You can use the potions on tuesday, some delve it is easy without potion too like crypt, primal, necropolys, arphy and mushroom. For the new delves you have 3 days for try. If you make more easy its not correct with the players with some or all delves already done. If a new player can have all weapons, mithycs and over lvl 1400 in a week without shop, what do you say?

That’s a non-option for the majority. Most people have work, school and general life going on so they’re not going to be able to devote hours to the game on 1 single weekday. There’s no comparison to the faction release weekend when you have 3 days, and 2 of them are the weekend.

See Slippery Slope fallacy. There’s been no discussion about changing any of those here.


Ok fine, you can live without all delves at 2500. It isnt so important

That’s not the question.
The question is why are the devs so scared a minority having all the Factions at 2500?
If things can’t be maxed… Then their existence in a game is pointless.

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Used 5 more Sacreds.
Lost 3 troops the first battle.
Because not only does the AI have extra stats… They have weighted RNG. Like “random” casts entangling my first troop. But when I cast the same troop…I get “bleed and poison” against the AI. When boards reconfigure the AI gets skull damage. Cascades…skull damage. All sorts of bull shit mechanics to keep the AI on top + a crap load of extra stats. Despite my hoard being way higher than the average player can afford… Just to not even have a chance at winning.
Who is this game made for? No wonder you’re trying to bleed your whales. For some reason you thought it would be wise to make a match 3 game supremely difficult. Weird that it’s not making enough money to allow a single staff member to be given the time and resources to completely rebalance the Delves.

The Delves current balance leads me to believe that you don’t think they are worth the time to balance properly. I hope others decide to stop spending money on the game because it’s not worth their time to deal with such “gotcha” tactics. It’s too late for me…I’ll continue to spend money due to nothing more than pitty. Gems of War is now that drunk bum on the streets I give $20 to. I know the money is going to spent unwisely. But at least I gave him the money for him to choose his own fate with.
I say this after being highly impressed with Wild Court. A hoard quality 100 and level 14 Divinion Fields won’t have success at level 500 with an all Faction team (without potions). But with enough luck maybe I’m wrong and someone can do it. I feel it’s very possible with a Hoard Quality between 150-200 though.
And the next Faction should be attainable without Potions as well. So the future is bright. But it does nothing to fix the immense time, resources, and money sinks that are already on the table as we speak. A years worth of Sacreds used… and I still don’t have a shot at 2500 dark pits. You should read that as utterly ridiculous. Because as long as you don’t… gems of war will be destined to go down the same sink you want our gold and gems to go into.

Here’s my story in images.

I have to imagine that there are further enhancements coming to hoard bonuses. We should expect kingdom power to go to 30 eventually (orange+cyan stars), if not 35 (red stars). Maybe eventually we will get kingdom power or level bonuses that push hoard bonuses to—or even beyond—+100%.

Right now, certain factions are just miserable to attempt with a faction team at level 300+ (looking at you, Warrens and Sea of Sorrow). I guess eventually we will get enough stat bonuses that they become possible, if still challenging.

Sounds like a great long term plan. I hope the game is sustainable long enough to weather that time.

So the best option will consistently be Faction Assaults. So that we use gems to get them all to 2500 until the game decides to be balanced.

Hopefully we at least get a brown color kingdom linked to a Faction before then. :crossed_fingers: