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4.0 Sneak Peek: Delve








It seems like you can keep delving into these strange ruins facing harder battles until you either kill the final boss or lose. If you lose i assume you won’t win anything, that’s why you see the current chest level and can decide to run away and keep the treasure.

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temple of the eye?..


When does it come out and will it be on PS4 as well?

It sounds fun. The map seems very nice. But 4.0?

Still I’m wondering about the difficulty… and the team restriction…

I just pray it has nothing to do with Treasure maps (unless the mode has been reworked as well).


for the love of god,PLASE NO Team restrictions. that’s what makes invasion and “other” ,modes unbearable.

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Also… “deleve” hahaha :smiley: :wink: <3

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By other modes, do you mean the last class event where you could choose from 5 troops only?


Another thing i noticed, there is a pair of cards with a one (I) on the top path, a little below there are two cards with a four (IV) and at the bery bottom path a pair of cards with a two (II). The first path seems to be selected and it’s probably the Room Treasure Multiplier plus a 0.1 bonus from something like Pets maybe.

It reinforces my theory that if you lose a battle you lose your accumulated loot, and maybe you could finish this adventure by going in the middle path facing the boss after a battle in the Room with a four multiplier, or simply try to accumulate more loot in the other paths. I’m just not sure if you can explore each path freely trying to get all treasures, but i think you must choose a path and stick to it until you finish, lose or run away.

@saltypatra please someone correct the annoying typo in the title. Sadly I can’t do it anymore…

Done. I didn’t even notice it.

I don’t know how I did it but I misspelled every word in the title.


You are a cat… on a keyboard… Seems normal to me. :wink:


Combining it with color, Roman numbers on card is likely to be card rarity; II a Rare, while IV a Epic. Whatever it’s rarity of your fixed cards or enemies’ are remain to be seen. Or maybe Ingots are tied to them as well.

A bit strange that 3.6 is still not here, yet spoiler for 4.0 is already here. But overall, I’m so hype to playing this mode, as it reminds me so much of Puzzle Quest 2’s map overview.

I thought that as well. Makes me think they may be skipping 3.6 and going to 4.0 instead ?


What does the beta thread say? 3.6 or 4.0??

Excited for a dungeon crawl style mode. Apprehensive that it will come bundled with some arbitrary restriction or barrier to entry that doesn’t fit my playstyle making it another mode I either won’t be able to or won’t want to play.


I’ve played Delve a few times, but prefer Grixis :smiley:


Delve Sigils here we come!

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