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So, it's been a while

I’ve been playing rather avidly lately, after a very long hiatus, and I’ve been checking out a lot of the neat new systems, and… Hoo boy. There’s a lot here.

What gets to me though, is that even though my normal team (Archer/Valk/Justice/Mab) got buffed to all hell by the new hero skills (specifically entangle at start and hunter’s mark on 4-5 match), there’s now actually content that I’m having some difficulty clearing sub four turns.

Granted, none of that is PvP, so I’m bound to run out of that eventually, but I really like the direction Gems has been going. I can’t get enough of bounties and delves, even if the only two delves that are available are completely cheesable because there are infinite loop teams that fit those color profiles. They’re still fun! Is it bad that I don’t even care about the rewards? I just wish I could do them more often!

But, on a less positive note, PvP went the exact direction I thought it would. “If player advantage turns every enemy team into four effective peasants, why not just streamline the process?” seems to be a mentality that has caught on. People aren’t even being creative and using that annoying Bombot team any more, now they just have teams that self-destruct. Eugh. Why is there still no penalty for that?


Best way to cheese delves: Dragon’s eye weapon, 250 wins with dragonguard.

Anyway, Welcome back, you’ve missed quite a bit, raid/invasions are a guild event which occur once each per rotation (current rotation is Guild wars/Raids/invasions repeat, Rotation will soon be GW/raid/GW/invasion/repeat)
Bounties happen every so often, There’s now class events every thursday (unless a new class is coming out)
Delve events are tuesdays.
Pets are wednesdays (they’re also something new for you to check out)
New classes/factions(delves) come out on fridays, and last for the whole weekends.
Classes still have the old requirement of completing all quests.

How to cheese delves

Team 1:


Team 2&3:


(The second team is usable in two different locations. Yay.)

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I enjoy Bounties the most because recently some troops have been very well thought and valuable to follow the bounty theme each week.

This week we have Mermaid, the classic myhtological creature a bane for all sailors/pirates and as such she deals double skull damage to all these rogues we are facing/hunting down.

Some might see it as the devs putting easy battles for us, but i like to see it as a good design meant to be fun, at higher level stages you can really challenge yourself with a full Bountyhunter team, which is kinda tricky because we still have some bountyhunters not so great and we need more color combinations. Mermaid for example could’ve been Blue/Purple to not repeat Parrot’s colors for example.

We are also fairly rewarded for the time/effort/investiment put into it with two Major Orbs of Chaos as the last rewards.


I was very peeved by the bombot teams for a while too. But for a long time it has been either a homebrew that gets slapped around, the same damn bunch of divines over and over and over or bombots. I have switched to bots as well. You don’t loose anything for a loss and you are being nice and giving people free wins.
The main issue right now is they are fighting power creep with more power creep, and that is not going to work. Goodness knows if a good solid nerfing (a solid nerfing? You know what I mean) is implemented then there will be howls and wailing and gnashing of teeth, so power creep it is. And I will stay with my bombot def team.


That’s my problem, honestly. I like playing games where I have a chance to lose. Firebomb teams are just annoying and sap my desire to play PvP, because there’s no interaction. Just pass turn four times.

I’ve been saying this for ages. Nerf the strong troops. Buff the weak troops. Penalize defense teams that are designed to lose, or at least reward wins with something big enough to make trying worth it.

I salute you, good sir! In your honor, I will crack open the crypts down in the depths of my home in Whitehelm and bring out the true terror that plagued the game in its early days. A defense team so diabolical that even now, years later, it is still possible to get a win with it on defense.


The root issue regarding these types of teams is that they are there because of a change made awhile back where weekly events generate 50% more rewards, but in return now cost 50% more snotstones to achieve. So, for example, the old top prize of slaying 500 troops in PvP for the week now requires 750 troops to be defeated. Along with all the other game modes out there now, clearing the weekly PvP event can be a giant time sink. So, these types of teams showed up to help people get through the slog of snotstone farming each week.

As a secondary reason, firebombs are specifically used for people looking to tank their own win rate for the week. Bombots do this already, but firebombs are just more efficient to get the job done here as they start Empowered, while Bombots do not.

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The reason people do this is for revenge battles which is x2 gold collected

I know this. I know why. I stated that my problem was that doing this isn’t penalized, and that it is actually encouraged to make teams that make gameplay easy for your opponents


Maybe the introduction of a reward penalty system of PvP would help with this. Something like:

You pay X gold to join the league. This forms a pool of gold for prizes
You set a defense team and an attack team.
You play N matches a day, say 10 for sake of example.
You get +/- points for wins/losses both offense and defense

Not sure, that might work. It could be called pit fighting or some other such. KFC- Krystara Fight Club. Oh damn, I just talked about it. I have said too much already :grin:

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A popular misconception.

The first rule is: there are no rules.

Second rule: no outside drinks.



Only applies if you get caught, though. Lots of people seem to sneak in haterade just fine


Fill the Bombot with vodka and claim it’s fuel, gotcha!