I need some delve advice

Hi Guys, Steebles again here…

While i havent done alot of delves so far i am working towards getting into it a bit more.
But obviously as noob as i might be in this particular mode, i have some questions.

I have a great love for “The Warrens” :heart:
The characters look great and they have a great aesthetic feel to them
And with the current event, the more i looked into it, the more it called out to me

But i am having some trouble with delves in general
The concept that you have to clear as many rooms as you can before you tackle (and defeat) the boss room to get the most rewards as possible is simple enough. But i do get the feeling i don’t understand the “hidden concept” so much.

Let’s begin at the beginning:

  • Currently i am using a rather simple goblin team to beat through the warrens wich include: Rocket, Goblin, Queen & King in that particular order. And the first few tries they were… decent… Is there any particular team you people would advice me to blast through the delve as hard as i can (both in speed as in pushing further and further)

  • The way i go through a delve currently is; i kill every room i can (ussually thats all) and try to save the rooms that can give me trouble for last. For example; if a room ensures that every enemy onward gets submerged, i try to leave that room for last or skip in entirely since Queen can’t basically do much and she is my main damage dealer after all. Is there any advisable way to choose the order of the rooms i clear or should i just go for it as best as i can?

  • The % chance of upgrading the reward chest seems to have some sort of gimmick to it that i dont understand. after a clear the chest either upgrades or it doesn’t and for the life of me i can’t seem to figure out how this seems to work.

  • So far as i can tell upgrading the “value” of the delve through Hoard seems to work best if only use either the Genie’s Lamp or the Sacred Treasure since they give the most upgrade for the coins spend basically. Am i correct into assuming that those 2 are the only ones worth using for leveling the Hoard?

up until now i have asked several questions on this forum with all it’s lovable players and people, and i am sure that you hero’s won’t let me down know. So i will be waiting very humbly for all your great advices and helping me to be a better player and a better part of this community.

With love and respect,

In regard to my first question about how i should fill me team, here’s my list of troops:

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You should definitely read through this thread, despite its great length, because it is the source of delve information. It has example teams, screenshots, example clips, and a lot of theory-crafting discussions.

Plus, it revives itself every time there’s a new faction, so finding the section regarding The Warrens should be pretty simple (though, again, l’d read the whole thing, especially because some of the info regarding best Hoard-leveling practices happened early in the thread):

I don’t get it with the Delves, too. OK - on Switch it’s a bit easier because there are only two of them.
I know this thread while not really reading it - the pure length seemed overkill to me. And for Switch gamers it’s even more because about 95% of it is probably irrelevant for them.
But if you say it is the source… well. It helps motivating to work through the thread.

Switch players will be able to use all of the information posted within eventually — just think of the “extra” long parts of the thread as a sneak preview of the next year’s worth of content release.

If you read ahead you get to build off a blueprint, as opposed to needing to create the blueprint. XD

And I should also say l’d be happy to help (and so would a lot of other forum-goers who delve a lot) if any questions remain after the main thread is read. In fact, if you post a specific question there, you’re probably more likely to get a response, because a bunch of veteran players have posted within it.


Stremlined Underworld/Delves Guide

Linked is a guide that I put together to explain delves/underworld to newer players in our guild. I have done an extensive amount of research into the system (including the thread Magnusimus linked) and did what I could to make an informative and simple guide.

Hopefully this answers at least a few of your questions and is of help to people!



Is the advice any different than the Hoard Optimization topic? I read that one and don’t want to go through another long thread if it’s the same idea.

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In terms of hoard optimization, the topic you linked has the best info imo

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:+1: cool, saves me time from reading another topic.

Loved it! Awesome resource – concise yet thorough and highlighted important points :relaxed:. For me, it would help readability if you used something other than bold formatting for the ‘Odds and Ends’ section at the end, including something to differentiate each point (e.g. alternating shades of black/grey) :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you!

Keeping on the topic, but some different questions/comments

  • Comment: it seems like delve event troops have irregular stats (compared with a regular delve) at boss level 20, the troops seem weaker. At level 30, the stats were a little higher. i’m not sure after that, as my alt account is pretty weak.

  • Delve Event: approximately, how long would a delve event take if I spent 3,710 gems (near the amount to get enough sigils for level 500 - if everything went right)?

  • I primarily have been focusing on Dark Pits (pick one faction to level) and have barely beaten level 230 (at hoard level 238), should I pick another faction for my eventual delve event run (all quality level 10 and at least hoard level 60)? It will take a while for me to get the 1,000 gems I need. Keeping in mind, I hate most of the existing factions. In general, I have always disliked buff/debuffs, I hate suicide troops (skull creators), exploders, converters and would prefer no insta-deaths (ok if troops have immunities to them), etc.