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Deathknight armor

Hope that seminar was free because you’re wrong. Or it just applies to Canada.
Chipped cards can’t be cloned, and banks reverse fraudulent charges in the US.

Chip and Skim: cloning EMV cards with the pre-play attack


“We can now explain at least some of the increasing number of frauds in which victims are refused refunds by banks which claim that [Chip-and-PIN] EMV cards cannot be cloned and that a customer involved in a dispute must therefore be mistaken or complicit.”
~Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK

my bad english gives funny result! Can you confirm me the white helm pack with moloch cost 49$, please?

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49.99 us truxton


@Nex any answer would be much appreciate

Got my deathknight armor and was worth every dollar. Thanks devs :slight_smile:

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i bet you didin’t payed 100$ for it :slight_smile:

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Nope sure didn’t. Worked out to be around US$58.00 for me after conversion

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I’m going to take a guess here.

We are basing the price off of American currency. Is an American dollar worth more or less in your country. If it’s more then guess what, you will pay more.

50 is never 50.


im still waiting an answer from you about the insane price difference between usa and switzerland!

so i ll repeat question again:

usa and switzerland money have SAME VALUE, week event pack (this week for example silencer)
cost 50$ in usa (49,99) and 89 swiss francs in switzerland! that is 89$! almost 80% more for a digital product!

Note that other offers have more around 40% difference, which is still crazy.

So what can you tell me about that?

Thanks in advance.

@nex @Foresti @Mr.Strange

Apparently it’s Microsoft that put the stuff higher in price

Thank you for your answer but i need an answer from the devs on this one. One thing is certain, whoever established the prices for switzerland was either totally drunk or escaped from an asylum…or both.

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Did you call Microsoft and ask them?

No, I m still waiting an answer from the devs first.

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Swiss franc is currently 96 US cents, and over the past year varied from 93 to $1.03. So it’s pretty close to the $US.
@anon43026234 is other Xbox store stuff priced closer to $US or just gow stuff?

I dont know, I see only the prices for my country for other games. I discovered that with this forum. Depending on devs answer, i ll ask microsoft about that. God damn! 80% more for a digital product, almost double the price!

Same here 85$ in canada what a joke

We don’t set the prices on our side.

Thank you for clarification. I’ll contact Microsoft for explanations.

To be extra clear - we set the US price, but not other prices.

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