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Deathknight armor

Will you tell them to have a look at the euro price too? :+1:

Are they as insane as the swiss prices? For me its easy to calculate because and swiss francs have same value. Here 3 example of what i must pay: deathknight armour 70 (+40%), typhoon of keys 139$ (+40%) and the best for last week pack with the legendary 89$ (+80% !!!).

505 games should be upset against Microsoft because it seems Microsoft is trying his best to make players not buy their products…

It’s a mistake somewhere, but there’s no big conspiracy theory going on here. A company like Microsoft doesn’t gouge prices for the sake of it.

Not quite as bad as that. The deathknight s approx. $73 and typhoon is $112.

The conversion rate is in a massive lull over the last year though; conversion rate before then would see crazy prices and I don’t expect the prices to change should the Eurozone miraculously recover.

Really? Microsoft is an industry leader in gouging customers.

Never in my experience. :slight_smile: No company is in the interest of losing money. If you set your prices too high you lose selling to the masses. That might be at stake if it was say a exclusivity thing, but it’s not here. Microsoft doesn’t own this item so it’s in no interest to them. Also that would be considered bad business for their partners, and they wouldn’t screw over their partners like that. Would you rather get $5-$10 per purchase or $0 when you don’t sell any?

[quote=“HKdirewolf, post:187, topic:9114, full:true”] That might be at stake if it was say a exclusivity thing, but it’s not here. Microsoft doesn’t own this item so it’s in no interest to them.

There IS an exclusivity part though.

Where else can XB1 GoW players get Deathknight Armor?

Necro an old thread, or start a new one? Decisions, decisions.

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So, some devs other than Salty might see it? Okay.

Also, thanks to the Forum Format Glitch, new readers would start at the end, not the beginning, and so would read my post first, as opposed to having to scroll up 175 posts. So, if they only wanted to read mine, same difference. If they wanted to read all, maybe they’d complain that the Forum Format Glitch be fixed, and not use the stupid workaround that hurts my eyes…

We had a new player join our guild, and the question about Armor came up. I haven’t clicked on them in quite a while. She had clicked on them by accident. Luther is a terrible guide/mentor. I am only slightly better. Better than Luther, worse than Magua (No rest here, better water, two leagues).

She asked if she purchased the DK armor in the profile section, would it include the keys that the shop bundle includes. It would, but it made me wonder about the Savage Armor.

Firstly, Blue ain’t my color, so I’d cover that DK armor with the Frostwolf Clan cosmetic, unless of course I purchased the Savage Bundle, because I prefer that look. But it’s the same price, and I get worse stats, fewer keys, and more disrespect.

"It is not noble men we are dominating, but savage orcs": Celebrimbor, tricksy and false Elf from Shadow of War.

Maybe after 4 years of playing GoW I feel like finally supporting the game, but why would I buy or recommend an armor set that is fundamentally worse than an armor set that I would cover with a cosmetic. I think either A), the Savage armor should be reduced in price, or B), it should provide the same bundle of items and stats as the DK armor.

Luther will never be a better Guide than Magua, but he should at least aspire to be better than Celebrimbor.

“But chunky, quit being a deadbeat and spend $100 to get both.” Um, no. :axe::rage::shield:

chunky understand 505 very well.


I’ve learned three things since posting the above:

 Savage Armor is an Xbox Exclusive.  Shadow Armor is the PlayStation comparative offer.  Idk if there is a Switch or PC/Mobile offer as well.

 505 would never change the code for Savage Armor.  There have been other discussions about code changes, and cost analysis, blah blah blah.  So to change the code for an Xbox Exclusive, forget about it.

 A cat fisher has a better chance at getting a dollar out of me at this point than 505.

I thank all the players, from the Dolphins thru the Whales, who have kept this game free to play for me and my alts.

I do like that Savage Armor, but it’s stat bonus are worse than Celestial/Dragon Armor, and the DK Armor has better keys. So, I’m not seeing the $125 dollar value even at 60% off.

I would not spend $50 US on a Nysha Medal no matter how many hours of grinding that might save me. I still only have 2 Nysha Badges, and 1 Anu Medal and 2 Anu Badges.

I would not spend any money to support this game despite how many hours I may or may not have played it. My timer says 300+, but that includes time while I binge watched Counterpart for the third time and switched to game in between episodes to collect tributes, as well as time I was logged in on both my main and alt accounts.

If this game fails to make a profit, and gets cancelled, that is a more preferred option to me and my conscience than knowing that I financially supported it. For the Horde