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Deathknight armor

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we’ve verified that there is a pricing issue on the console stores.
The good news is that we’re working to fix it ASAP.

We don’t have an ETA yet, but we expect things to be sorted soon.


Crossing fingers… I hope it’s in my favor lol

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Hope it is! I have a feeling the Canadian PS4 owners may need to purchase it sooner rather than later though

Well if it’s the case i hope they won’t remove troop or charge the difference to talia and other guys who already buyed it cause that would suck

[quote=“Rickygervais, post:145, topic:9114, full:true”]charge the difference to talia

Bring it :wink:

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Any info on what the price is really supposed to be for US or Canada?

Let me put it this way about the inflated Canadian pricing.

I’m at VIP 5 mostly because I’ve been buying the weekly $4.99 (PLUS 15% tax) weapon packs because that seems like a good way to support the game. It costs me $5.75 CDN but I think of it as just a little over a fiver.

Now if the cost of both the small purchases and the large bundles is “adjusted upwards” in this way, contrary to the schedule that it’s been for the last 8 months, then I start thinking twice about paying $8.03 a week because it makes me wonder exactly what am I getting for $32.12 in GoW when the subscription price of other online games that I look at is typically $15 to $19.99 per month (i.e. $5 a week).

Anyone with a marketing background knows that pricing small weekly purchases at $4.99 or under hits the “sweet spot” for encouraging people to feel good about their microtransaction purchase. With the 15% tax that Canadians end up paying on top of that, instead it feels more like I’m being ripped off. What I end up thinking is: here we are again, do I really want to pay nearly $10 for a VIRTUAL object that can only be used online with a Live server connection?

At that price, it no longer feels like a development donation for a game that, by design, is under constant flux.

This isn’t at all like A-list games or even our PQ1 and PQ2 games which can still be enjoyed offline at any time. Looking forward to the future… I am not thrilled that Microsoft at some point will sunset even Gems of War, and deprecate all its digital resources with absolutely nothing to show of it, like they did with my Project Spark game. And the exact same fate will await that $80 set of armour. GRRRRRR

I buy PS Network cards. I pay face value plus taxes.

Purchases in the PS Store aren’t taxed, so I get the full face value worth.

Method of payment may be a factor.

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They could just price everything in US dollars. Your bank will do the exchange for you for free usually.
Last time I went to Aus, I just used my american debit card with no issues at all. Aus money is too unmanly looking for me to bother with using. It’s like some my little pony fan designed it all.

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Price the Canadian store in US Dollars? I wouldn’t like my Euro store in UK Pound. By the way, how much is the armour in the UK store? (I have assumed you are on PS4 or Xbox)

How difficult would it be to compile a list of prices? To include PS4, Xbox, PC in US, Canadian, Aus, NZ, Euro, UK, etc.

I’m not a pommie so I don’t know what UK prices are. Obviously they’ll never price things in US dollars, like gold, oil, pork bellies and most other commodities are. You’d get a better deal though since banks don’t charge exchange fees, at least Toronto dominion bank doesnt. And companies always seem to pad a few extra bucks in when converting prices to the US equivalent.

For your information, swiss francs and dollars have same value. How is it possible then that I have to pay 40% (!!!) more than americans for the same offers?

Just some example: Deathknight pack 50$ in US and 70 swiss francs! (which means 70$)
. Typhoon of keys 99$ US and 139 swiss francs!

If deliberate, its an absolute scandal! If a mistake, then it must be corrected as fast as possible.


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I’m guessing you skipped the post where I stated that it’s an error we’re working on, huh? Alright, to repeat myself from earlier in this thread:

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Yeah but the prices are too low or too big? And which console?


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No I didnt skipped your answer. I still wanted to write this because its not an error that happened since deathknight pack! This insane difference, I see it since MONTHS.
Here perhaps the most: Week event pack with the legendary troop like this week the whitehelm pack that give moloch. If Im not mistaken, its 49$ . Here its 89 swiss francs (= 89$).
Thats not 40% more but 80%!!! --EIGHTY PERCENT–

Do you find that normal? Me not! It really dont motivate me to climb more VIP ranks for sure.


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This is a horrible idea. You may not be aware of just how punitive exchange rates are, especially when converted as a “service” by the major credit card companies and by big national banks.

Whenever I go to the States, prior to my trip I make sure to convert as much Canadian cash to American as I will need, at a favourable rate. I pay cash because not only do the U.S. ATM machines levy substantial INTERACT service charges, the credit cards themselves have terrible conversion ratios. Every time you use MasterCard, for example, they charge you a 2.25% premium for doing currency conversion on top of their daily exchange rate. The banks charge similar fees embedded in their rate offerings.

I found out about all this the hard way in New England USA when I once bought a pair of pants for my husband that didn’t fit quite right. I had charged it to my MC, then I returned the item to the store 25 minutes later. Later on my credit card receipts I noticed that I had LOST over $3 in that half hour due to the service charges embedded in the exchange rate.

Frankly, what I would propose for the XBOX Store is that packs and bundles of virtual GoW items be priced commensurate to the consumer’s actual buying power in their own countries, and not according to supposed baseline American Value. After all we are not buying DLC that can be downloaded to the console and used forever and ever afterwards. Instead we are buying a limited virtual license to use the DLC for the lifetime of the game. With the help and the genius of the devs so far, hopefully the lifetime cycle of GoW will last a goodly number of years to come. :))

So in other words, I think something like this would be fair for us:

American Deathknight bundle: $49.99 USD
For Canadians, $50 CDN
Europeans €50
UK £45
Japan ¥5000 … etc.

This is what native buyers would see, justifiably, for fair pricing in their own region. Smart alecks who try to VPN into an e-Commerce Store outside their own region ought to find out that one’s originating console location can still be tracked, and it’s for them that punitive currency exchange rates would show up handily.

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Wow theicla, that’s some rant over a joke lol.
I prefer to keep my cash where it belongs, in my money bin safely away from the beagle boys.

But when I do go on overseas, usually to hunt for treasure, I never touch foreign currency. It doesn’t look right, smell right, or feel right. And it certainly doesn’t swim right.
Oh, and my bank doesn’t charge an exchange fee on my debit card.

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This made me laugh harder than it should have. It’s because I read it in Cookie Monster’s voice.


@UKresistance Oh dear. Mentionned something there that worries me. Even though your bank may give you a good rate, it’s not really a good idea to use a bank debit card instead of a credit card for purchases online or otherwise. When using a credit card, purchases are automatically protected from fraud or theft as you have 30 days from the billing date to report errors or unusual activity. But with debit cards, anyone who clones your card and has your PIN number can drain all funds from your bank account overnight directly. Ouch :cry:

Just something I learned recently in a seminar about online security, and it seems important enough to share.

Anyway sowwee I’m having trouble coming up with anything funny to say about the whole topic… Although Ivar’s “There is no problem that wrestling cannot solve!” sort of pops to mind, kinda.

What I’ve been saying isn’t so much a ‘rant’ directed towards anyone in particular; it was more my thoughts on setting equitable pricing across Store regions for digital licenses. It’s obvious that I and quite a few other posters above --Mr.Truxton, I presume?-- agree that there is a problem in that area.

I’d welcome it if anyone wants to enlarge on the above points about digital foreign exchange policy. Feel free to restate these concerns again to Microsoft Store managers in a more accessible way.