Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


Now with even MORE Dawnbringer…

The ‘I need pharos ra so I can start to grind a million souls to get dawnbringer too’ has gotten their wish.


Yeah, I guess putting Pharos-Ra in kills two birds with one stone:

  • The Pharos-Ra support group will disappear, so no more organized effort to discuss Soulforge’s flaws.
  • If enough Pharos-Ra recipients stop using arena, it takes the wind out of this thread’s sails.

I’m gonna keep posting and bumping this thread forever though. I like draft formats.


Ahhh well, now the defs have “magicaly” been able to add Rah to the previuosly impossibe rng pool in the forge, everyone will farm souls, create Dawnbringer and the filth will spread even wider.

We so far have had:

  1. We have no control over how the mythic troops that can be crafted each week are generated.

  2. We have changed how the mythics are chosen, by narrowing down the pool, so that no mythics show up twice in a row.

  3. We have added Pharos Rah in this week as an Xmas gift???

They knew why people had been requesting Rah, to simply gather souls to create Dawnbringer.

They also finger fkd us over for months by NOT adding Rah, knowing most people would create another Mythic, most did.

All the while, they ignore this request to remove Dawnbringer from the arena.

I am simp,y tired of these lying Devs. They make it up as they go along, or avoid questions from us the paying customers.

Ok, so cool, if you have created Dawnbringer, then fine, use it in the arena, you are entitled to do so. But they need to remove it from the fkin Def.


It’s irritating just how true this statement is.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. A new UI that no one asked for nor wants is more important than a weapon that nullifies any reason to play a particular mode, rendering it irrelevant for most players

I’m curious as to whether this issue would be fixed if it occurred in PvP, a much more popular mode.

Why not make it so you can only invade with one or two troops (RNG decides) and let the opponent start four troops with barriers. See how much of a backlash there is.

Also I see people asking for new mini games now and again and I’m an advocate for them myself. But right now two of them are, for the most part, useless. Treasure Hunt isn’t worth the time for a lot of players (higher leveled) and Arena isn’t worth the time for anyone without DB.

Bottom line is this.

Just because it’s Arena, doesn’t mean it isn’t important.


Do we? I need souls for a lot of reasons.


You can reply for yourself, as you have done so, but not with the “we” in your sentance.

Player got along fine prior to Rah being available, granted a little slower, however you mark my posts, Dawnbringer is the main reason people wanted Rah and even Multiples of Rah.


Well people, dont expect a fix anytime soon :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:

Also, DB in arena will get a lot worse before they fix it.



Same: I am going to keep posting regular anti-arena DB sentiments here just to keep annoying those responsible for a lack of action in re-balancing the arena. Equally; I intend to post rational, logical arguments for a re-think on DB’s use in arena defence.

Dawnbringer as a defensive option has removed the concept of 'contest ’ from the arena. You simply can’t contest a match after one early DB sweep.

Secondly, DB has removed the concept of ‘challenge’ from the arena: the basic line that your random untraited troops are going to take on an AI random set of untraited troops-’ in a challenge’- well DB destroys the notion of the arena as a challenge- its offensive traits are truely OFFENSIVE[ pun intended] and its barrier trait- well it is a BARRIER to a balanced arena.


Please do. Arena has been ruined for so long now it’s getting ridiculous.

When one troop/weapon removes any purpose to an entire game mode you’d have thought a fix would have been in place long ago. Instead we get the usual response of we’re thinking of a solution.

Here’s a solution, remove the weapon from defence teams. Problem solved.

That fixes both long term and short term problems.

To continue helping in long term problems, let beta testers test these things for once.


I did spam the chat regarding this issue and the fact that a quick fix would be to remove the weapon from DEF.

The answer was “ hmmm well if we do that, then another weapon will become a problem”

So again the issue was skirted around and nothing is being done. They did say that the main guy that would fix this issue was away working on another project and they are waiting for him to come back.


This is basically a reference to Runic Blade I’m guessing. Which is not a problem. It takes two casts to kill a troop before it starts to power up. This is with the AI being a bit thick and not targeting the correct troop in order to get the stat boosts.

DB fits in with the dumb AI as it just casts and wins. A bit like looping teams.

I would say I’m amazed that this problem has now gone on for 3 months, but I’m really not. The incompetence shown so far with this game is quite alarming, but not at all surprising given how things have been handled recently.


I am pretty sure that you can swap the weapon between the rounds. Having db doesn’t guarantee a clean run either by the way.


Likely, but all in all people always needed souls and I guess we always will.

The fun thing is, I don’t see a lot of Dawnbringers around, outside the Arena.


Yeah, this is a poor excuse on thee devs’ part. Runic Blade is powerful, but not game breakingly so, especially considering how badly the AI chooses its targets. I have no problem fighting RB.

By contrast, DB hits you once, and you’re probably down for the count. You now have 2-3 troops with a handful of HP each, and all enemies have barrier. It is very, very rare that you can squeak out a win if DB fires even once.


That is why this topic is regarding Dawnbringer IN the Arena…

Yea i agree everyone needs souls for other things mate.

Dawnbringer in pvp is a pushover because you are using traited fully lvld troops etc.

Time and time again, we have advised the Devs of a quick fix, remove the weapon from Def, they just wont listen or do anything.


In the real world there are ‘king hit laws’ . The arena certainly needs to adopt the concept because DB uses the ‘king hit’- the one brutal dastardly down the board high impact punch through your puny untraited team; combined with its own cowardly cur barrier. Yes I’m personifying a lousy card [ in the arena as a defensive option] because one unbalanced card has created player frustration, irritation and vexation which will only flame more as DB keeps multiplying as the ebola of the arena.


I want people to stop complaining and get their DB instead…Some new players want to have the same ability that players have that have been playing for 2 years. How about go soul farming instead of complaining and soon you will have DB too. I hardly see DB in arena mostly I see runic blade so I’m beginning to think some are mixing the 2 up


Was this your attitude before Famine was nerfed? Don’t complain about something that’s broken, just go get it yourself and use it.

This game is about progression and collection. New players will most likely always be behind veteran players. This shouldn’t be a bad thing. In PvP they get to chose whether to face off against long term players or not. In Arena it’s supposed to be a level playing field, which right now it definitely is not.

What’s your definition of the word ‘soon’? Because a quick dabble in soul farming isn’t going to magically generate over a million souls. And this is coming from someone that’s had 2 Pharos-Ras since he was released.

You are a fortunate person. But just because you don’t face it often, doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem.
If someone mixes up DB and RB then they have more problems to worry about than a game.
RB isn’t a problem, so you can’t really mix the two up.

Moderate mana cost. Moderate damage untill it gets a kill. Different mana colour.
High mana cost. Different colour. Kills 2-3 troops and barrier all allies.

See the difference? (Someone better get that quote).


Just chiming in to say that I am another one of those who don’t play Arena anymore because of this stupid weapon. Just tried it after a long time, I had fun fighting a few teams…
And then suddenly I faced a Dawnbringer team, and, well, it sucked and made me close the game immediately. One cast and all that was left was my hero.

I know they will (as always) take months to fix this, but who knows.


This thread was started in September. It’s already been ‘months’. Curious as to how many more it’ll be.