Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


Very pertinent points. DB again in overload today in the arena; which I keep playing because it does despite DB have more variety than pvp. But the challenge and the number of times it comes up keeps mounting. The arena needs an overhaul.


One of my runs yesterday had Dawnbringer in 6/9 battles


I like the idea of replacing the hero with an Epic.

Although I do like the risk in not knowing what choices will come up next when selecting your team, I’ll be quite happy if they keep it the way it is just give an epic option for the fourth slot.

Then again, I won’t be screaming bloody murder if they did change it to the style you prefer.


Adding here each time DB is grossly unbalanced in the arena. Reasonable competitive teams are eliminated in one turn. Some balance is needed.


i think yeah it might be a little OP if you fight it 8/8 but i would like to see random weapon pick from the opponent pool so you see it less often, i don’t want to remove it completely since these are the battes that give me more challenges so maybe random and make it so you canT see it more then 1/8 it would be fine for me

i know people do arena to farm faster trophy but it shouldn’t be the only reason to remove the weapon


Choosing all the troops together is more about the ones like me who forget what they took :stuck_out_tongue: . You keep the risk as you still have only 3 choices by rarity.

Some won’t like risk. So devs can add a “Refresh troops” button with gem fees :stuck_out_tongue: .


I understand your point, Ricky but although Dawnbringer is, ostensibly, what I’m talking about, it isn’t the spirit of what I’m talking about.

The Arena is supposed to be an equal playing ground for unequal players. Souls really aren’t supposed to play a role. All troops are level 15. If you have a Goblin that you’ve ascended to Mythic, perked-out and completely leveled but I have done nothing with, in Arena they are equal. The cards and souls you’ve spent mean nothing.

Now the Dawnbringer issue brings up this problem that is also unfair and unequal: if have level 40 masteries of all gem colours and access to more weapons than “Bob” who enters the arena to fight me with a club and beat I him. I don’t have a Dawnbringer yet it’s a completely unfair advantage to Bob who’s just lost his 1000 gold needed to upgrade his first kingdom.

Now I’m new to the game and Arena may have always been thus but the __ idea of having the Arena be a place where new and experienced players can go to farm souls, gold or trophies outside of PVP is fantastic. Especially speaking as a new player when I’m waiting for those Legendary and Mythical drops making PVP impossible. Then I get one and don’t have a soul pile with which to max them out. It’s difficult.

For the challenge you wrote about and the randomness of weapons, we have PVP/Explore/Dungeon where everyone can bring out their best toys and smack each other and enemies. Pretty much the entire game is open to high level players.


I like the idea of the Hero stepping into the Arena, but I agree that it is intended to be a place of EQUAL footing.

That being said, why not just allow for the final selection (4th) to be of a random assortment of WEAPONS of the EPIC level? And then players who may not have those masteries yet will STILL have access to them, just as they have access to troops that are not currently in their squad and at the end of the run, offer the opportunity to purchase the weapon for $1.99, since there will be no “extras” included.

Just a thought…


and a terrible one at that. :sunglasses:


Couple of things @en9nhcet :

  1. It’s not my FAVORITE idea, I’ve already said before that people that spend 1.3 mil souls for a weapon should be able to use it. I think the change just needs to be to DEFENSES. I was merely offering another option.

  2. While I am not opposed to criticism, especially ones that come with sunglass emojis, :sunglasses:, I would prefer that you offer a COUNTER argument to explain WHY you feel it is terrible, rather than just pooping on the idea and walking away. :wink:



Something like this has been suggested several times in this thread. Somewhere in all of the posts this chain of facts seemed to be established:

  • Dawnbringer is currently the game’s only Mythic weapon.
  • The devs believe Mythic weapons are excluded from the Arena pool.
  • A dev noted that for some reason, the game is treating Dawnbringer like a Legendary weapon.
  • So Dawnbringer isn’t supposed to be in the arena pool but is, but no dev has acknowledged this as a problem with an active fix.


The Dawnbringer is tough in Arena but in no way is it unbeatable. I don’t have it and as long as I have a good rare or epic troop, it should be doable.


My guess is that DB is already nerfed in a sense. Since a few weeks I noticeI seldom get to choose more than one yellow troop in the selection screens.


It is doable but it’s a pain in the butt and as @Arelana wrote, DB makes Arena runs easier for their players. Right? The imbalance and unfairness comes when their ease is at the expense of our extra effort.

@Slypenslyde, great, needed bullet points post. Regarding the last one, is it normal for the devs to allow a problem to go unacknowledged this long? I do realise it’s a F2P game but before I spend any money on a game I like to make sure it’s solid first.


While I would prefer DB out of the arena for defence- as its currently there- we need to share strategies that counter it -at least with some reasonable success- it will get you whatever team you put up. Obviously teams are random from three card options but look to use Pride Hunter-it fills reasonably quick and can silence DB while you try to bully it with everything at your disposal. Spider Queen which webs and drains mana is a handy option too against DB. The Alchemist can fill up the Runic Blade quick for big impact on DB- though its yellow plays to DB strength. Vodyanoi- triple blue mana hit certainly dents DB. Lava Elemental moved to the second slot to avoid other red/black team members soaking up mana can eliminate DB in a couple of lucky turns. Ranger and Hammer of U equally can get DB out of the way. But whatever you have to use its a tough assignment- really too tough for a so called arena ‘normal’ setting. Please post your bring down DB strategies.


Yes. Yes, yes and yes.

Sometimes it’s acknowledged but still nothing is done.


I would say that it isn’t unusual for a problem to go unacknowledged this long, but it also isn’t necessarily an indication that they are ignoring it. Some bugs and problems exist for a very long time, some are dealt with quickly. Some are publicly acknowledged and some are dealt with quietly and with little or no fanfare. Honestly, the bugs that get dealt with immediately are the ones that directly impact player rewards - either ones that unintentionally flood the economy with resources, or ones that rob players of earned rewards.

I’m hopeful that the many good comments in this thread and the increasing prevalence of Dawnbringer in PC/Mobile Arena will force them to implement a sensible fix soon. Usually, once things build up to an unmanageable level, they get dealt with. All we can do is keep this in their field of view and hope that the data that they are seeing is confirming the problems that people are complaining about here.


It is impossible for me to list the problems I have with this game and how even the ones that were fixed quickly display either a severe lack of discipline on the team or some deadlines that are impossible to meet without seeming very, very cruel.

So let’s leave it at: “I used to spend $20/month on a different game. I’ve spent $15 on Gems of War in 4 months and I don’t plan on spending much more for a few months.”

The vast majority of the bugs I would list (and that have lingered since September) are supposedly addressed in a fix that is currently in the strange process of getting released. (This part isn’t the devs’ fault, releasing to each platform has very strange rituals you have to follow.) I’m going to say it’s not fair to call them out for things this close to potentially being fixed.

The most interesting bugs right now are:

  • Code related to a new feature surrounding tier rewards got released to our machines before the devs meant for the feature to release, it manifested as strange in-game messages.
  • A troop that hasn’t been released yet was spotted in the wild in PvP.

These are interesting in a temporal sense because you could argue since they involve “this is out before it should be”, it’s possible the devs can fix the bugs before the feature exists.


There is no epic troop in the Arena…


I started the day in a positive lets tackle DB frame of mind, however, five DB’s in a row, and the first two in a set, not reasonable. DB is the bane of fun in the arena as a defensive weapon.

Kept facing DB too often today in the arena. I am really trying to tackle it but its so discouraging. It destroys the core/structure of your team with one brutal sweep and you can rarely recover. You try and hang in the game with your remaining two team members both weakened and still have to break down each barrier on DB’s team before truely attacking them. It makes spending time in the arena a waste of time unless you have DB yourself it seems. DB comprehensively unbalances reasonable or enjoyable or even a fair challenge in the arena when present as an over regular opponent on so called normal setting.
The odds are currently over stacked towards DB’s skills. Can’t see anything normal in DB.

To summarise, DB basically takes away even your random last ditch cascade hope to recover and stay in a game. You normally feel you have a chance in pvp and challenges beyond those cascading matches the AI sometimes gets that stagger you but we accept it as part of the game. DB as a defensive option in the arena basically clinically removes even an outside chance of game recovery. You basically cant recover - so currently the odds in an arena game are tipped too far in DB’s favour. Its time to fix this unbalanced situation in the arena.