Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


Again, another update and F all done about this broken arena weapon.


Keeping coming back to the forum and stating the problem is all we can do it seems.

I mean where is the reasonableness on a normal arena setting facing DB five times in a set of eight games; as I have just done. Okay I got lucky because I got the fortuitous Lava Elemental to back the Runic Blade: but every DB game required excessive time and I was hanging tough too often and just hoping for a good match- too much luck is needed with DB v’s skill. A ridiculously over potent defensive weapon in the arena.

Another run with nothing useful with hit clout to support the Runic Blade -two DB’s in 4 matches and its all over. Hard not to be negative about the arena currently.

Another run 4 out of 6 matches DB. No fun here.


I was really hoping with the update the devs might surprise us with an Arena fix but nope. Another disappointing UI. The hit splats are nice (trying to say something positive).
Did we really need another UI though? Upgrading/crafting is more clumsy and our Arena remains broken.
This game has the potential to be really huge if they chose to fix what is broken and charge $5/month for a P2P version for those wishing to pay for membership along with this F2P version. However I don’t think any devs actually read the forums…


The official explanation is that the old UI style made Russian and/or Chinese difficult to deal with. So this move was prompted by a desire to expand into regions with a non-Latin alphabet.

Categorically false. The devs definitely read the forums. But if they say anything beyond “we are aware of the issue”, they are implying a timeline for a fix. And as we have seen, there are always issues that pop up and change how tasks are prioritized. Maybe if their internal QA process were different, they would have to spend less time putting out fires and could spend more time addressing community requests.


They’re often on the forums, reading and posting.

The issue isn’t them not reading the forums, the problem is they don’t play their game to the extent needed to see the problems for themselves. No matter how much they say that they do.


I see. That’s perfectly reasonable. Cyrillic, Asian, Arabic, Hindi etc would read very differently. They’re also prettier than ours…:disappointed:


From the original Q&A, where the Dawnbringer question was one of the most upvoted questions.Two months ago they were considering options for dealing with Dawnbringer.

No action in two months…on one of the most-upvoted community concerns.

Block it from showing up on defense and most of it not all of the concerns expressed in this thread will disappear overnight.


Chinese has no alphabet… I’m curious how an UI that’s less readable in old good Latin fonts should be better for ideograms. But then maybe Chinese are fond of misaligned icons and seizure-inducing boards, what do I know.

Categorically false. The devs definitely read the forums.

They read that we are asking for Common cards in the Soulforge. Go figure.

Maybe if their internal QA process were different, they would have to spend less time putting out fires and could spend more time addressing community requests.

Or maybe spend less time lighting fires.


This is from the last stream they had on tuesday: https://clips.twitch.tv/NastyYawningConsoleSmoocherZ they are looking for a long term solution.


Chinese ideograms/glyphs can be quite complex and involve many strokes. That’s probably why the game has tilted towards very thin font-weights, bold/heavy Chinese text has to be proportionally larger to be clear. Due to the art assets, “make the text larger” wasn’t an option, so they opted for lighter font-weights with thinner strokes.

The devs definitely do read the forums, but it’s not clear if and how they play the game. One dev was in Global Chat last night and bragged about hitting a new milestone: level 100. That’s… not a very active account.


Just imagine ideograms on the cards’ border then.


Would it not be more practical to use the Latin lettering for Cantonese and Mandarin instead of the ideograms?


There’s not even an accord about how transliterate Chinese languages…


This is an anti Dawnbringer topic, not about UI or languages.

Keep complaining about Dawnbringer please we need rid of it from Def in Arena.

Just sayin


I think it came up because we suspect if we were Chinese users who were quitting, Dawnbringer might get removed in an emergency patch.


First of all they need to have Chinese users joining. Bugs plus seizure-inducing board plus inconsistent interface plus prices all over the place. What can go wrong?

As for Dawnbringer, if there is a will there is a way. At the moment, Arena is another toxic swamp.


lol true. But I think it was pointed out that the game was expanding into Chinese markets. I like your version better.
@Courtaud my best friend through grade school was Chinese and I never thought it would come in handy in adulthood but alas… https://gyazo.com/a8f6ccc25238049aaaec762c341e811a

@MadOrange is right to call us out. Apologies.


Anti- Dawnbringer and wanting a fix. Any match in GoW where the player basically has no choice but to focus on the necessary, single minded; obligatory tactic for pure match surival to target, consisently attack with every card at its disposal and hope to eliminate one opposition card [ DB] before it does its single sweeping catastrophic damage and on top of that barriers its whole team from even your weakened remaining attack- and from which it is near impossible to recover from one DB sweep- is clearly unbalanced. DB basically in the arena can only be defeated by being eliminated first. Matches should be about a variety of tactics and even as in explore, pvp and challenges- the belief you are still a chance in most matches to recover. When DB hits first -as it often does- it undermines your belief in fighting back in a match-you basically can’t- Dawnbringer is the brutal boorish bully of the arena as a defensive weapon. Get the bully out of the arena.


We play the arena as one option to get resources to improve our position in the overall game as we set goals and work towards them: personally and in teams. So we dont have Dawnbringer and want it - we look to collect 1m souls- we play for souls, we grind for souls and we also fairly support the game by buying some levels of vip points but the game clearly has an unbalanced playing field in the arena with DB on defensive teams- I dont need to really say anything-the attached picture reveals the unbalance -just how am I meant to remain competitive in arena matches after just one early match DB sweep like this and it happens over and over. No one is asking for a walkover in the arena- I’m up for a challenge- but not these sort of biased comprehensive routs, thrashings and drubbings whenever DB is an opponent.


That’s why I stopped playing the Arena minigame. It’s a pointless endeavour meant only for end game players. I need souls to build teams. Saving them for DB is a pipe dream yet I need DB to get souls. The devs will only do something when they have a long-term fix and seem prepared to ignore the problem until they arrive at one. I understand they don’t want to tick off the owners but they’re alienating us at the same time. Unfortunately I refuse to spend money towards VIP or on any game that’s broken and ignored lol. Steam has too many “finished” games.
Don’t get me wrong, I still like this game but I don’t love it anymore. There’s too large a gap from starting players to high level. It’s very grindy and I can foresee myself losing interest.