Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


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Oh mighty Ozball, who actually has the power to make this simple server side change. Um, say something? Please?


Arena test run on normal yesterday: 6 games resulted in 3 dawnbringers, some other weapon, dawnbringer, runic blade.
Won first three with good drops filling hero for double damage to enemy hero (random troop pool gave nothing helpful in this respect); fourth time was not lucky and after one cast I was left with a single almost-dead man standing.
Actually, this was the first time I won a game against dawnbringer in arena and basically owing to luck.

Apart from occasional test runs to see what’s the situation, I’m not even bothering with Arena. In pvp, at least, I stand a reasonable chance of defeating that weapon (current meta seems to be bard with dawnbringer), whereas in Arena it feels more like facing a shotgun with a stick in my hands.
In short, I think it should be excluded from defense teams. Offense? Well, if you like taking candy from a baby, sure, use it. I personally wouldn’t even if I had it at my disposal.

Edit: Wasn’t the main idea behind Arena - here are some ordinary troops, take your pick and show everybody what you’re made of? Danwbringer completely obliterates that idea because the ordinary troops you choose basically don’t matter anymore. All you concentrate on is: charge, cast, (hopefully) one-shoot the enemy. Something sounds really broken here…


Oziball Kenobi, you are our only hope. You are the only player we have that has infiltrated them. We need the Dawnstar weak point so we can send a squadron of SQL commands to obliterate it from the server database.



Totally agree- DB has undermined and broken reasonable player engagement with the game in the arena. Ordinary card selections shouldn’t be facing this over powered defensive weapon in the arena as its currently configured- with the cards available to the player.

Back to edit as I take yet more excessive, preposterous damage from DB to a normal team in the arena. Re-stating there is nothing normal about DB v’s a normal team.


Totally agreed with OP. DB completely takes out fun or challenge out of Arena.

If you are a vet, it’s all about casting your DB before your opponent which isn’t hard. If you are new it is a guaranteed loss. Where is the strategy in that?

It is good to see active development occuring in this game. So the devs are out there. Please listen to your playerbase for once and remove DB from arena. Make arena fun again!


Dawnbringer in the arena is comprehensively unreasonable as a defensive hero on a normal setting.


Believe me, I know what a pain Dawnbringer is in the arena but it can be beaten if you concentrate all your attacks on it. Also, try to set up teams with enough armor and HP to survive at least the first attack. I still lose to it but I beat it more often than not. I do think that the devs should set it up to have better troop selection from the start. The troops you’re given to choose from are at least half of the problem in losing to Dawnbringer. Just hang in there and remember that it can be beaten. I’ve found that the best troop, if you can get it for Arena, is Lava Elemental which does good damage to the first target.


I’m a level 1000 something, and I don’t have the DB, but as a higher level player where most battles come down to luck (due to viable, end game teams being owned by me and the opponent), arena was a fun way to play.

I used strategy and planning that I haven’t had to use in a long, long time. DB completely destroys all of that. If it was removed from the arena I’d love it again.


+1 on that. My feelings exactly.


This is your chance, dev Q&A later today.


I posted this in the Q and A thread and it had received 27 likes to date so good chance it will be one of the questions


I’ll bet some imaginary money the answer will be, “But you already can’t use Dawnbringer in arena!”


It did indeed make the list of questions, second on the list


I agree if you have at least one good support trooper you can occassionally match DB and eliminate it. Like you state Lava Elemental, but equally anything that mana drains, silences or does extra damage to DB’s man’a colours can buy you time. Getting the Runic Blade toughened up before DB hits also helps you survive its first sweep or two and hit back, especially if you have a card that can clear some of the barriers in a sweep like the Druid. However, you always feel you are just hanging in with DB, one wrong move, one DB favoured mana surge and you have wasted a lot of time against DB- instead of just retreating and starting a new arena match. Its what causes the most frustration with DB with me, apart from its unfair skills, is I dont want to give up, but once it strikes -the balance of the game rarely comes back in your direction.

Edited - I select a team from a rough pool of choices but still enter the arena- two DB’s in a row, two quick brutal sweeps and I’m knocked out like a flyweight in the ring with a heavy weight. I like the arena but DB as a defensive option doesn’t belong there in the current way the arena is configured.

Another Edit - again DB on the first two arena matches- surely unfair and unbalanced as I make a wasted 1000 coin investment to confront DB after DB. The arena needs a fix.

DB in the arena as a defensive option- is demoralisingly patently unfair. Its so obvious its unbalanced in relation to every other defensive option -fix it.


So, i asked tonight in the stream about their plans regarding db in the arena, basically, they’re discussing it. Frustrating!! Hopefully in tomorrow’s stream we can stress that we only want it removed on defense, and maybe (although unlikely) we’ll get a better answer. I honestly feel bad for the devs right now, they’re getting so much flack in response to the recent changes, and they’ve got their hands full. This is an ongoing problem though and it really needs to be addressed.


I know they’re swamped, but I have trouble having sympathy considering this thread was started in September and they are just “discussing it” now.


I recently crafted it after reaching 1.7 m souls just to play arena. I apologise if anyone comes up against my hero in the arena. What people could do is change their weapon when they’re not playing. ie : start arena, build your team, change weapon and back out. When you actually want to play it then change your weapon back to the DB. I know it’s a faff but it might help.
I’m also encountering far more db in arena on the ps4 since I got it and it’s not a guarantee against the same weapon. I too would love to see it taken away from defence but if they banned it completely I’d want my 1.3m souls refunded.


Does that even work? I thought it just saved a list of winning teams.

Anyways, it’s a very easy fix on their side, a couple of database commands at most. Basically create a filter or database view on their end not including teams that have hero weapon = DawnBringer.


I’ve no idea. It’s the only thing I can think of that might help for now.


What might help would be NOT USING IT.