Data Gathering: Gold Chests - New Common and Rare

Just some handy info for this and future new kingdoms for players to plan their key usage.

Please report:
-# of gold keys used
-# of Natureborn Warden (common)
-# of Fireborn Warrior (rare)

Current estimate of common per 1k keys = 7.15
Current estimate of rare per 1k keys = 1.05


20k keys
143 Natureborn Warden
21 Fireborn Warrior

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Oh, didn’t see this topic :woozy_face:

50k gold chests

E: 85k chests:


Guess the droprate (for commons) is higher during launch period, the rare seems to be in line with expectations.

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26k chests
164 common
23 rare

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Opened 15k gold chest.
92 Natureborn
14 Fireborn

With this rate:
For 191 Natureborn , 31k Gold keys
For 91 Fireborn, 97k Gold keys

  • Also 20 Nagatrap droped. Fireborn may need 68k gold keys (since they are at same rarity)

Estimate of common per 1k keys = 6.13
Estimate of rare per 1k keys = 0.93 (1.33 for nagatrap)

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35,153 Gold Keys

40 Fireborn Warriors
236 Natureborn Wardens
~500 gems (490 verified, just forgot to record before my first few clicks)

Is there anything to be gained by opening Event chests today? Is the Nexus Portal in there?

EDIT to say I found the official post confirming, Yes, Shayle and Nexus are in event chests.

Happy hunting, everyone! :smiley:

EDIT 2: after spending event keys for the Nexus Portal I have 41 extra fireborn warriors and 172 extra natureborn wardens — so no need to spend quite so many gold keys next time :joy:

Having a lot of fun — already looking forward to the next new kingdom!

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Opened 10,000 gold chests (50x200). Hauled in 136 gems, 168,928 gold, 5960 glory, 10 copies of the new rare troop, 67 copies of the common. Forgot to record the change in souls.

20k chests
119 common
24 rare

FWIW I did this in about 350 event chests. Only gold chests to get about two commons so no data from me on that front.