2? Years since the last kingdom was released

Too big a number at one time would probably clobber the server, leading to lag for everybody else trying to play at the same time.

This isn’t to say that “200” is the right number for an upper bound; it can probably be higher. But a really high number probably takes a substantial amount of processing power to resolve. Think about how slow the game can get at times on a Monday (with the new release) or a mythic Friday (when everybody and their uncle spends piles of Glory/Gem/Guild/VIP keys to try and get the new guy/gal). Trying to handle a request to spend a huge number of keys at once would likely do the same thing.


For sure. Would still be great to be able to put in a desired number “up to X”.

Opening 25 glory keys for a task is annoying. But I’m not spending 50 if I’m saving.


Decent compromise would be to allow us to open 1000 or something but with a deliberate warning that it will take a bit of time doing so. Avoid killing the server, avoid killing our fingers and mouse buttons.


Or simply just an “autoclick” option that will do the opening per 200 for us (with a “stop” button). This way we can at least sit back and save our fingers. It would also not affect the servers since nothing changes for that matter.


It could be set to a schedule.
We already see the servers get battered on Fridays when troops are added, both mythics and bounty troops are searched for on Fridays.
Mondays are busy because its a new week and event keys get used.
Tuesday-Thursday the amounts could be increased and the servers should be fine. It might even lessen the load on the busy days as some people wait to use the bigger buttons but others are too impatient to wait :sweat_smile:


That’s easy to solve. Just let the client loop on opening 200 until the target number has been reached, show a progress bar while it’s still busy. Takes the same amount of processing power on the server, without causing carpal tunnel syndrome for players. I don’t mind waiting a few minutes for results if that gets me around running an extensive stress test on my mouse button.


And also saves the crap ton of time in loading screen and UI.

I once did the math, and I have like hours of keys if you assume every batch takes about 5 seconds to click through and confirm (which I think is conservative).

Hell, even with awryan’s 3639, if it only took the guy one second apiece, would still be over an hour of wasted time that he could have saved by fourdottwoone’s suggestion.


Or let us craft gold keys into higher rarity keys at stupidly high conversion ratios. Avoids having to compute the outcome of >99% of rolls altogether.


I think ~2 years ago this question was part of a stream, they said more keys at once can be a technical problem for the system.
Didnt really understand that - ok, maybe on a myth friday, but even then…

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It would certainly be nice to see this as a possible soulforge recipe, given the soulforge update in spoilers.

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I love this idea. I also love the idea of a soulforge recipe to turn a massive stack of treasure maps into some sort of uber-treasure map.

However, many players have an absolute crapload of low value common items, which would suddenly translate from being essentially massive amounts of worthless stuff to being a smaller but still very significant amount of very useful stuff.

Sadly, I can’t see the devs going for that :frowning:

This is perfect. Simply set it going, do something else for a while, come back in a few minutes, job done.

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In your case, I’d just let them stack up for bragging rights:

Random player: “I have over 1000 treasure maps”
…bitch please

Personally, I regularly open gold chests, simply because they contain gold and gems, which are always welcome. They also contain glory and souls, but obviously I have stockpiles of those already.

If gold chests didn’t contain gems and/or gold, I wouldn’t bother openiing them either.

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Me too, until they came with the idea to introduce new kingdoms again. The most important rule in GoW is and will always be: NEVER spend any resources until you really need to. Turns out it even applies to gold keys.


Yeah, those gold keys would be useful for collecting the 190 copies of each common troop required for full ascension. However they will be diluted by troops from the 30+ kingdoms we already have, so it would still take a huge amount of gold keys to get them that way. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt. If 3% of troops are from the kingdom you want, and 65% of gold keys drop troops, then about 2% of gold keys will drop troops from the correct kingdom.

Having said that, if another kingdom(s) are scheduled to be released after that… it suddenly makes sense to wait until ALL the new kingdoms are out, and all the new troops are available. And then it starts getting silly.

However, we don’t just want the new commons and rares, we also want the higher rarity cards. I currently have 1500 event keys stockpiled, and I suspect they are going to be the best way of collecting new kingdom troops of all rarities.

With previous new kingdoms getting 191 copies of the common was the hardest part. That’s not true anymore for 2 reasons. Ascension orbs, and event chests now contain commons.

My current plan is to open event chests to get 6 copies of the legendary and see how many commons that gets me. Then decide whether to go for 91 (+ascension orb) or 191 commons copies with gold keys.

I guess what we really need to know is how many copies on average of new common we can pull per 1000 gold keys. I’m thinking probably only 1 or 2. So going for 191 copies might be too much especially if new kingdom every few months.


If enough people keep track, we as the community could work out the numbers, or close enough.

I’m probably good for 50-100k gold keys, if it comes to that (33k would be my preference as a max, as it would leave me with a round number remaining :laughing:).

If we both do 50k should give a ballpark estimate?

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I just keep my level of Gold Keys at 200k. Gives me something to open each day, and would be a lot less clicks to use them all. I also keep my Glory at 500k (used to be 200k until Gnome-a-Palooza).

E: Oops, wrong topic, go here for data: