Gold Key/Gem Ratio

I plan to go through my stack of 61k gold keys to try to max Natureborn Warden on Monday.

How many gold keys can I expect that to cost?

And how many gems can I expect to receive in the process?

It seems like I get about 1 gem per 50 gold keys, but is there a more accurate number?


How many gold keys? A lot.

Getting the bounty troop from legendary to mythic, I usually throw 25k keys to get halfway then use daily offers to top it up. The pool is very diluted.
But there’s only going to be, what? 5 troops in the event chests? Throw 50 of those to top it off if needed.


IIRC you need 190 copies to fully ascend a common.
A single gold chest has a 48.75% chance to drop a common.
There are currently 109 common troops in the game. (Not all of which can be obtained from chests)

I’m no good at math, so take this with a sack of salt. I think the probability of you having obtained enough copies after opening this many chests should be:

  10% |  38591
  25% |  40368
  50% |  42407
  75% |  44513
  90% |  46467
  99% |  49961
99.9% |  52623

If I’m short on Gems and using Gold Keys, I work on an average of 2 Gems for every 200 Gold Keys, although (if I could be bothered to do the maths) it’s actually more like 1.8 - 1.9


Thank you for the helpful responses everybody. Between gold keys and blue task, I’m optimistic I’ll have enough gems to fully ascend Hawthorn without spending a blue orb

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I gathered info while collecting “Ogress” for mythic ascension (85 copies) .
I spend both gold keys, gold and other keys.
For 50 keys (or 15k gold) avarage was 0.84 gems
For 85 copies 114k Gold keys


That’s a solid amount of gold chests!
I think you may have been pretty unlucky there :frowning_face:

This should be % probability of having obtained 85 copies of a rare after opening ~X-many gold chests.

  25% | 83606
  50% | 90138
  75% | 96927
  90% | 103549
  99% | 115341
99.9% | 125018
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