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Converting glory to gold keys

I find myself lacking ways to get alot of gold keys in game , the 300-400 wings package is not worth it for 10 keys, it’s mostly for specific arcane’s that I need.

I still use common cards in my invades… I need 141 Priestess for mythic :joy:

Title sums it up… We get lots of glory from guild task… Looking to convert glory to gold keys… 10 gold keys for 1 glory ?

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There are no guild tasks that award glory.

Besides can’t you just buy gold keys with gold since there’s much gold in the game?

I’ve brought this up repeatedly. No official response AFAIK. I can’t imagine they’ll let it continue like this though.

Never heard someone wanting to use Glory to get them though, that’s like an all-time low.

Assuming a full guild of 30…

36000 gold = 360 glory keys (12 per * 30 members) + a few tokens
36000 gold = 120 gold keys

So spending gold on gold keys feels inefficient in an active guild since you can get 3 times as many glory keys (which can get legendary, mythic, arcanes…) for the same investment. Yet many times I’d rather convert glory keys to gold keys so I can get common troops to ascend or minor traitstones.

Maybe the guild revamp will offer a gold key version of the quest.

Maybe a manner or trading glory keys for gold keys at say 2-1 or 3-1

I still need a lotta commons to mythic (as well as a few easy minor stones every now and again) I feel soooo guilty when I buy a bundle of 50 chests as the 15k could easily go towards a guild task but the 50 bundle of gold chests is the quickest way (albeit random) to rack up minor stones

Spending pure glory on gold keys seems woefully inadequate

Having glory keys I want to open them, I just really need certain common cards like Priestess gives the highest armor @ mythic I think it’s +18 altogether.

Buying 50 gold keys for 15k gold is just terrible for your guild, the only other option that I can think of is glory keys conversion. I don’t think I want a guild task that gives Gold Keys unless it’s super low gold required compared to Gems & Glory tasks


If u read two posts above your last one (three posts above this one) you will see that a glory key to gold key conversation is exactly what I purposed


Hopefully the Devs will add a Gold key task that everyone can contribute to in the new guild update. So people can Ascend those Commons and gather Minor Trait stones.

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My problem with this is that there are just so many gold based troops. Even one copy of a common you want could be 150 chests away. Meanwhile glory gets the weekly troops and their Traitstone as well as glory keys. It is far better IMO to use gold for kingdoms and the glory for chests to get your kingdoms up to three stars. Granted the tribute collection on consoles isn’t as frequent but 2*tributes-2 per is still the best bet.

Tl:dr the massive amount of cards available for gold chest doesn’t make buying the directly beneficial.

For now, I would suggest you collect income as often as possible. You get a surprising amount of gold keys per week just from multi-tributes, especially once you start 3 starring your kingdoms. This is the best source of free gold keys, by FAR. Once you start hitting legendary and mythic commons for the ones that have been around a while, you could also do what I do and hoard your gold keys for weeks at a time until the chests get some common drops, then open thousands to give you a head start on the new batch of commons and begin saving again. You may not have the newest common to mythic right away, but having them epic or legendary basically for free is a nice consolation prize.

Title is a bit ambiguous, but I’d support being able to open a few gold chests at a time with a single glory key. Having guild gold key tasks would probably be a more elegant solution, though, but if this is going to happen, it is not likely to happen until the next major version update. I would never spend straight glory on a gold key, unless they were priced so low that it would become a partial resource loop, which isn’t going to happen.


More diversity in glory packs could be interesting.
Since you getting so much glory key from guild task, getting those key from other places, like arena or treasure hunt seems lackluster. Perhaps they could be changed to gold keys.

I don’t understand why people would want to donate gold to a task for gold keys when they can just directly buy gold keys with gold.

Since we only get 3 slots for guild tasks, I’d rather we not use up one of those slots for something like gold keys. For those of you that are in guilds that are so active that you get tons of glory keys, congratulations. Not all of us are that lucky.

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I am in the same boat, and which also has me thinking that the Glory key tasks will be ‘readjusted’ sooner rather than later.

36K gold task for 3 tokens + 12 glory keys

Buying 50 gold keys for 15k gold is not a good deal and besides it’s being selfish towards your guild.


I agree, it would be nice to contribute to the collective and not just to yourself. 15K would complete or progress a guild task pretty well. I hate having to blow gold on chests, or weigh how much to use compared to what I can use to help the guild.

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After leveling all kingdoms to 9 I wanted to contribute to my guild. 2 days after my first contribution I received a message from my guild leader(s) to stop any contributions and use the gold for myself.

Granted, we’re a family/friend guild, so something like that won’t ever happen in a “normal” guild.

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My guild is the same way, we encourage people to contribute to a very reasonable minimum, and otherwise want you to focus on getting strong. A strong player base will reward the guild with more contributions in the long-term.

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i generally go half and half between my gold towards goldchests and guild tasks… i feel that the lackluster amount of minor traitstones can only be obtained through gold chests if you are trying to 5star kingdoms moderately fast… however, i have come to the roadblock of being short on several hundred runics now… so i may start to dump 100% into tasks.